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  • When we travel abroad, it’s best to not pack our customs.

  • One’s religious upbringing should never prevent anyone from doing that which they believe to be right.

  • Anytime there is an adverse occurrence, we are prone to ask: "What caused this?" and then to ask: "Who’s to blame?" Unfortunately most often the first question is answered with only an assumption and the second is answered as though the first answer were a fact, and not only an assumption. This process ends up accusing many that have little or nothing to do with the adversity.

  • Those that refuse to seize the helm of their existence shouldn’t be surprised where the currents and winds of life, take them.

  • How barren must be the soul that judges others only by their appearance.

  • Those that covet praise primarily seek to quell self-doubt.

  • Regardless of what causes anger, the expression of anger only inflames the original cause.

  • One should never fear the consequences of bonding one’s behavior to that which is believed to be true. If doing this still fails, that which succeeded was a failure also.

  • One’s happiness, or its lack, is a reflection of the many kinds of daily thoughts that we entertain. It will always be impossible to be happy while dwelling on negatives.

  • Those that always want to be on the side of the majority, because of the power residing there, will pay the price of being corrupted both by the power itself, and the denial of oneself.

  • If we were forced to choose between perpetual sexual rapture and the possibility of heaven, the former might attract the majority.

  • Contempt for anyone is arrogance with a sharp edge.

  • Giving un-requested advice is like giving dog food to a rabbit.

  • By assuming a task can be done, it just might be; but to assume a task can’t be done, is to accept failure both of the task and of the will.

  • When you are accused of anything, never defend yourself. If you are guilty, admit it. If you are innocent, your accuser won’t believe your denial anyway; and generally, your defense will only make you look guiltier.

  • In others, we call it envy; in ourselves, we call it recognition of the unfairness of life.

  • To blame the prior generation, for the conditions of today, is to state the obvious; as each generation is the cause of the one that follows.

  • When we are said to be “entertaining our own opinions”, should we assume that they are laughing at us?

  • Where do we go to appeal the sentence imposed by an unwritten law?

  • While the nonconformist arouses the fears of a group, the nonconformist is opening the doors towards becoming free.

  • In life, many more are bystanders than participants.

  • The world would be much worse were it not for personal ambition; but it would be better still if some had less.

  • When we cease to wonder, we start to die.

  • With some exceptions, life only comes in one flavor; but we are the ones that add the toppings.

  • Success is often the ability to allow opportunities to feast on the carrion of our failures.

  • If you come to a fork in the road, be sure and remove the driving hazard.

  • As life is made of time, so also is death; the difference is that life also contains action while death inaction.

  • There are always those that seem so disposed, that they could find darkness even within a beam of light.

  • In most things that have complexity, the shortest route is most often the “long-cut”, not the shortcut.

  • Walking a straight path in life may be difficult, but one can even walk in a straight line when going through a revolving door.

  • Our lives are like the fabric that flows from a loom that we operate daily.

  • We tend to see ourselves, not as we are, but through the eyes of others.

  • Admiration should be reserved for those that have so excelled, in some way that we recognize is beyond our ability to equal, but not so far as to keep us from trying.

  • In all of life, we are surrounded by the things that we love, which we would benefit in being without, and surrounded by those things which we dislike, but would benefit by having; wisdom is seeking the latter and avoiding the former.

  • Inherent within our opinions is the acknowledgement of doubt, otherwise we would call them facts; but when another voices a contrary opinion, we are prone to defend our opinions as if they were facts.

  • We should wonder why we fear so much of what can’t harm, and desire so much of what can’t help.


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