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  • If any talent exists within us, it must endure the risk of ridicule by others while in the process of its development.

  • No one ever defeated something that was feared by using their backsides.

  • Every person living in the ghettos of our cities may have the seeds of greatness that will never sprout; as it is likely that all of those called great in our history would have been undeveloped and unrecognized if born into a similar environment.

  • When we are intolerant, we are ignorant. When we tolerate we are informed. When we find nothing to tolerate, we are mature.

  • Those that believe "That laughter is the best medicine." had better hope that the disease was only caused by a deficiency of humor.

  • Few things idle our hands as much as those about us that have too much time on theirs.

  • Life is a one-way-only dead-end street.

  • The future doesn’t exist; we each have to construct it daily.

  • Wisdom is proportional to doubt while foolishness is proportional to certainty.

  • If "We are what we eat", it’s no wonder that our standards are so low.

  • Life is very much like a pitcher in that we can’t pour out of it what we didn’t put into it.

  • Great courage is required to not worship at the crowded altar of conformity.

  • The fact that we can remember little of any day of a year ago is the best evidence that our lives are filled with essential trivia.

  • One’s greatest enemy and one’s most helpful friend are to be found within each of us.

  • Character that is large is seldom angered by small things.

  • The first step in achieving freedom from fear is found on the staircase found within us.

  • Those that would criticize their government for doing things that produced unintended consequences fail to realize that such is typical of all human activity, even the activity of one person engaged in a relatively simple act often produces unintended effects, some of which are positive and some of which are negative.

  • Gambling tends to attract those that are desperate as well as those that are about to become so.

  • We tend to exaggerate our anticipated joys, and even more so our anticipated dangers.

  • We have no difficulty in understanding those that are petty, since we have all been petty, but those that are petty can not understand those that are expansive since they’ve never been there.

  • It is wiser for us to make our needs become as putty, that conform to the requirements of life, than it is to make the requirements of life, become as putty, that conforms to our needs.

  • Life is like an opaque hourglass in that we know that the sands of time are always sifting downward but we never know how much is left to sift, and once all sifted, we are not aware that this has occurred either.

  • If we can withstand the charring done by life, we can emerge even more resistant to life’s decay.

  • A kind act, unnoticed by any, is worth ten noticed by many.

  • The mother of a lie may be desire, but the mother of an excuse is always fear.

  • When we meet someone, our initial feelings are usually neutral, but by becoming more familiar, our feelings become less or more so as we either develop more positive or more negative feelings, but never again neutral.

  • Few things tend to spread rumors about ourselves more than our vigorous denials.

  • Flattery means nothing to those that are not first vain.

  • During parts of our lives, only holding on to the hand of hope has guided us through our blackest days.

  • With some of our habits that most delight, a sample produces an avalanche.

  • Many, if not most, feel that they’re not unusually creative, but this is less true than they believe. If one only reflects on one’s dreams, when the “I can’t” kind of thinking is turned off, everyone will discover a rich source of original movie-like happenings being created quickly and effortlessly. The trick is to turn off the “I can’t” kind of thinking during the day.

  • The wise will never have needed to forgive because they will never have found grounds for accusations.

  • Adversity chisels our character from that which would otherwise be amorphous.


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