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  • Those that live differently than their expressed beliefs, live a perpetual masquerade.

  • The tyrant that most vexes us is not to be found about us but within us in the form of various beliefs. These are beliefs that demand that we do things that benefit us not at all, but benefit those that created those beliefs.

  • Our memory takes out hammer and chisel and sculpts our basic recollections into a pleasing monument to that which never was.

  • Those that believe that they need something to live for need only look deep within themselves to find it; as it is impossible to find it outside of ourselves. Even those that believe that they have found this outside of themselves have only found an extension of that which is within them.

  • Whenever we establish unrealistically high standards as to what is happiness, we are near certain to find unhappiness. The rational approach is to move the standard for happiness one step forward for every step we have taken.

  • Those that live according to the beliefs of others, lives another’s life.

  • When we hold a belief that is widely held and appears to have no exceptions, that belief may not be certain of truth, but it’s an excellent starting point for further exploration.

  • Most would agree that others shouldn’t pay for what we want. Therefore, when a time arises when some might be harmed by our telling them the truth, we shouldn’t preserve our integrity at the price of their suffering.

  • Someone said that if something can be imagined, it can be done. If this is true, we need to be very cautious of what we imagine, and even more cautious of those with dark imaginings.

  • Honor cannot be given; it was never anyone’s to give. Honor cannot be received, it can only be earned. After honor is earned, only then can it be recognized or overlooked.

  • Success is more dependent on attitude than is attitude dependent upon success.

  • It’s a shame that so many of life’s pleasures have been spoiled by giving them the name “Work”.

  • If one questions whether another loves in return, then there probably was only desire. There is likely no mutual love where either has a question as to other’s feelings.

  • It is said, that in many situations, that we might find the quick and the dead. It is doubtful that any can be both; but individuals should think that they might become either the quick or the dead.

  • Each year a thief steals into our consciousness to steal the beauty of last year’s fashions. The same thief then returns to create new fashions for this year, only to steal them again latter.

  • Since history is unable to defend itself, it frequently gets mugged.

  • When the cause of freedom becomes a secondary consideration, it is like coming in second in a ball game.

  • Those that harbor the strange belief that: “What will be, will be.” are only expressing words about words; for it is inconceivable that what will be won’t be, and that what won’t be, will be.

  • Philosophy should act like a spur to an individual’s thinking, not as balm to comfort the status quo of old beliefs.

  • The most reliable way for us to detect the approach of great dangers to our futures, is to be found in the history books that describe how those before us became only history.

  • When others believe that you’re getting too big for your britches, it’s time to buy bigger britches.


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Page 37 of  131

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