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  • Government finances are run like a restaurant that never charges anyone for what they ordered, but requires the current customer to pay the preceding customerís bill. It is easy to see that there is an incentive to order more, and order more expensive foods than if all were paying their own bills. Needless to say, the bill being paid by each customer, would become progressively larger until no one would be either able or willing to pay the prior bill regardless of what they could order for themselves.

  • To disregard debt as a danger is like a sailor ignoring shoals.

  • That so few things are so widely despised as is the happiness of others; this is the basis for many laws that end up punishing the despisers more than the despised.

  • One of the easiest ways to take political advantage of the electorate is to persuade them that others are abusing them, and that you can stop them if elected.

  • It may be that the most threatening future military conflicts wonít come from other nations but from independently operating antagonists, rather like combating relentless and endless swarms of fire-ants until the giant tires, weakens and falls.

  • Of necessity, wars lead to peace; peace on the other hand, does not lead to wars even though they precede it.

  • More and more the mark of a successful culture is the production of uniformity of belief; more and more the challenge of the individual is to escape that uniformity.

  • To go to the Moon only because it is difficult, as a president once said, is irrational regarding mankindís needs when there are so many pressing problems on Earth that arenít difficult to remedy.

  • The problem with any democracy is that it tends to develop short-term gains at the expense of long-term losses. Election cycles guarantee that this will continue until the long-term losses accumulate and overwhelm nearly all of the short-term gains. At this point radicalism of some form replaces democracy.

  • We are not given the option of not being abused by those that possess power; when power is possessed by the individual or corporation, there is recourse through government, however when it is that the government that has dominant power, who will provide any recourse?

  • It is said that a nation never fails except by suicide, but this is false. Suicide must be intentionally self-inflicted death. Nations inflict their own death but they do this more out of ignorance than anything else, and certainly not by intent.

  • Theologies relentlessly try to impose their will on others by making their dogmas, disguised as commonly accepted values, a part of the nationís laws. Dogmas, imposed on the unwilling, is as great of an evil as was the evil for which the dogma was intended.

  • Behind every reform movement, and more important than the reform, are those wanting to snare the power of others as their own.

  • ďNo sooner said than doneĒ is something that is never said about politicians.

  • The 1913 Seventeenth Amendment to the Constitution will one day be regarded as the beginning of the end of America. That amendment ended the statesí representation in the Federal government, and gave all legislative power to the people, a power that will continue to be abused by the people until we become a nation in word only.

  • The Democratic Party likes to regard itself as progressive, yet it perpetuates the antiquated myth that wealth is only distributable and not creatable. If the former, one becomes enriched at the expense of another; if the latter, innovators are enriched primarily and others secondarily as those creations become available, and the jobs to produce those creations are created for those needing employment.


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