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  • Few are as frightening as those that are certain of their convictions and have the will and the power to impose those certainties on others.

  • We never do evils so freely and without pangs of conscience than when we act against others in the name of God.

  • A confessional booth must surely liven up an otherwise dull life for the confession’s recipient.

  • It is a curious fact of life that we ravage one another most over beliefs for which there is the least evidence supporting either side, and we ravage each other the least when there is clear and verifiable evidence supporting both positions.

  • The only certainty of our knowing of that which is eternal will be in our contact with the eternal truths, because it is only the eternal truths that are certain to survive the end of our Solar System.

  • When determinism causes one to assume the existence of freewill, freewill will start to function as though there were no determinism.

  • We should learn to baste our days with the blessings that we have rather than the blessings that we only wish we had.

  • Many use prayer like a candle to illuminate the darkness, but will ignore it at noon.

  • Those that believe themselves to be important and above others, will carry none of their magnificence into any possible afterlife, and many may find it to be challenging just to carry any of it into their later life.

  • The Universe is incomprehensible even to those that make it their life’s study, but there are those in religion that claim to comprehend the Universe’s Creator. Surely this is demeaning to the greatness of God and undeservedly complimentary to those that believe that they are capable of such understandings.

  • We generally assume that God has no fears and no desires; if this is true, why shouldn’t this be a worthy goal for each of us?

  • Compromise might be the main attribute of a social individual, but never that of a moral person.

  • God has no need for the word “ibid”.

  • The line between morality and immorality varies so much between times, places, and individuals, as to be an unworkable concept that has particular appeal to tyrants.

  • Creationists have taken the difficult to comprehend process of evolution and replaced it with an impossible to comprehend process of everything just being created out of a void.

  • Those that are mad, those that are young, and those that are Popes, are the only mortals lucky enough to be infallible.


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Page 37 of  67

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