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  • When you see no light at the end of the tunnel, make one at your end for those that wish to enter from the other side.

  • The person, that indicates pride of ancestors, boasts of one thing that he could not avoid.

  • Many problems are best solved by merely waiting for them to pass; unfortunately mankind seems prone to activity that is often like stirring a hornetís nest.

  • The mistakes of the past are best left there.

  • Our culture seems to put so much emphasis on loving oneself that is not surprising that so little is left for others.

  • If we see the "writing on the wall", we shouldnít assume that itís just graffiti.

  • Getting married is too important of an act to permit mere desire cast the deciding vote.

  • Just because life has written a script for your performance, doesnít mean that you have to use it.

  • Those that worry about what might happen have tapped into an inexhaustible reservoir of fear; because there are an unlimited number of things that might happen, and only a very small number of things that will.

  • Dwelling on the desire for revenge, is like someone having just had an appendectomy and refusing to leave the incision closed.

  • Every secret act, whether for good or ill, is like a message placed in a bottle and put into the sea; in that we will probably never know the eventual recipients and how they will be affected, perhaps long after our passing.

  • The beauty of responding with non-violence towards aggression is that it eventually bores the Hell out of the aggressor.

  • Any time spent holding back another leaves less time for moving forward.

  • The most predictable way to make a favorable impression is by showing another how much the other impresses you.

  • The best place to keep secrets is locked within oneís memories.

  • Horses wear blinders so that they can see only whatís ahead. To achieve lifeís goals, we need to wear "mental-blinders" or else our interests will tend to diffuse and accomplish nothing.

  • Those that attend funerals say that they are showing respect for the dead, when in life many showed little or no respect. This is like a fireman arriving at a fire the day after. Respect is for the living; respect shown after death is meaningless.

  • Our misfortunes shape us as does the hammer of a blacksmith shape iron; it is up to us to be the blacksmith that chooses the shape.

  • Many hide their defects as if they were treasures to be preserved forever instead of repairing them.

  • The old adage ďUse it or lose it.Ē, doesnít apply to one thing; reality, the less you use it the stronger it becomes.

  • Just because we have beliefs that are shared by others, but for completely different reasons, may be a reason to inspect the grounds of our own beliefs, but not necessarily their abandonment.

  • The slippery slope of personal corruption is not only easy to descend, but is doubly difficult if ever choosing to ascend.

  • Try to replace anger with being perplexed at the negative behavior of others; this will reward you with peace of mind and often cause the offenders to become perplexed in return.

  • Anticipation of joy is to rob the future of a part of it.

  • The bee gathers nectar for making the honey that it will never sample and is fulfilled in the process; if only we were more like the bee and less like the hog.

  • Shame comes from doing those things that we would never do if others were watching.

  • Anything that we do, because of the expectations of others, is a form of servitude, no matter how mild. To act because of our own expectations, that are independent of otherís expectations, is the foundation of freedom.

  • The fearful are strengthened by the boasting of their beliefs. The strong find no need to boast.

  • When we blame others, we confess our inability to be pilot of ourselves.

  • If we didnít compromise our desires with our abilities, we would all go mad.

  • It is easier to connect failure to chance than it is to lack of being prepared.

  • The rolling stone gathers no moss, or anything else for that matter, except perhaps momentum.

  • Never put your head on an anvil in the presence of a blacksmith.

  • Reputation is built like an exquisite sand castle that takes long to build but only moments to destroy.


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