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  • Our existence is not like a word in a dictionary where we can look it up to discover its meaning,; but rather our existence is like a blank canvass where we paint our meaning daily.

  • Some believe that after mankind’s demise, the cockroach will still be prospering. Why should this happen if we are really superior? Perhaps we will cease to be because our superior intellect permits our exhausting of the Earth’s resources and the increasing of our populations to disastrous levels, in much the same way that cancer cells continue to reproduce to eventually destroy their host.

  • We like to delude ourselves into believing that we know the world, ourselves, and the Universe; but we are all forced to only glimpse at these through a small keyhole into another side dimly lighted.

  • Though the public claims otherwise, what it is not prepared for is complete honesty from its leaders.

  • Is it possible for there to be any objective approach to art? If art is completely subjective, why do those that claim to be art experts have any reason to believe that what they believe is any more rational than what anyone else’s believes?

  • America is less of a geographical location and more of a concept that is undergoing constant revisions to cope with today’s and tomorrow’s problems.

  • There are those that may be qualified to lead a nation and others that are qualified to lead businesses and organizations; but there is only one person qualified to lead an individual, and that person is that individual.

  • Even if everyone else in the world believed the exact opposite of what you do on a particular matter, that would not be a reason to adopt their belief; but it would be a reason to examine your belief more thoroughly.

  • We tend to think of the meaning of life as something that has been a constant throughout mankind’s existence. But the meaning of life, like the meanings of words, is in constant transition, never presenting itself as a ready target for us to bag and understand.

  • The folly of most modern marriages is that most believe that the afterwards will be like the “beforwards”.

  • Absolute security doesn’t exist outside of the grave; but the most secure are those that are untroubled by their insecurities.

  • It is the unthinkable that should command our most intense thinking; because those that would undo us specialize in the unthinkable.

  • Civilization isn’t a thing but a process that we make up as we go along.

  • Americans always seem certain that they’re getting ripped off by someone and they’re probably correct; but remember, we are a do-it-yourself kind of people.

  • What we hold to be a truth is what got the overwhelming majority of the votes.

  • Few things evoke as much ire as those that express thoughts that strongly conflict with established beliefs. The reason for this is that those beliefs are sensed by their owners as being put in jeopardy by other’s conflicting thoughts. If confidence in those beliefs were absolute, conflicting thoughts would only evoke curiosity and not ire.

  • Each day delivers to our door, a fresh assortment of opportunities. Sometimes these opportunities are wrapped with coverings that hide their true worth to us; but if we leave them unopened, they often expire, never be heard of again.

  • There are many that seem to believe that a truth is somehow proportional to the number of words used in describing that truth; when generally it is just the opposite.

  • Since there will never be a final answer to the great questions of life, any conclusion that we reach should be looked at as just a resting place for now and a starting place for tomorrow.

  • A mother can be looked at as our crutch during childhood that becomes our foundation to stand on once grown.

  • It is wise to have doubts of everything including doubting our doubts.


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