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  • All voters are probably glad that some of their votes were secret and always will be.

  • In the past when a government has been empowered to act against its enemies, that power is eventually turned against its own citizens.

  • If the future holds any certainties, one will be that freedom will always be under attack by those that either envy it or are incapable of understanding what freedom is, and therefore must destroy that which canít be understood or attained.

  • The Declaration of Independence says that we all have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It doesnít explicitly state that we have the right to end our lives, or that we have the right to engage others to end out lives. But, who would deny that we have the right to not pursue happiness, or that we have the right to engage others to thwart that pursuit. Who would argue that we have the right to end our liberty, as prisons do regularly and whom society engages others in ending the liberty of those justly convicted of a crime? Why, except for the corrupting influence of religion into to our laws, would we say that we donít have the right to end our own lives? And, why should we be denied the right to lawfully engage others to help us in ending our own lives, were it not again for the corrupting incursion of religion into our laws?

  • Those that believe that disharmony is destructive to a democracy fail to realize that disharmony is the melody that democracy requires in order hum properly.

  • The tendency to madness increases proportionally to the number that is deciding anything.

  • The presidential candidate that can focus on the most pressing problems of our nation, and then propose the most simplistic solutions to those problems, is likely to become the next president.

  • We need to be sure, that in preventing our enslavement to a foreign power, that we donít become enslaved by a domestic power.

  • Freedom is like a huge tent that protects those sheltered below, but only as long as they are willing to support the tent.

  • Those that would criticize their government for doing things that produced unintended consequences fail to realize that such is typical of all human activity, even the activity of one person engaged in a relatively simple act often produces unintended effects, some of which are positive and some of which are negative.

  • When we say: ďMy country right or wrong.Ē does that mean that if we are wrong that we should make no effort to right it, and if we are right that we should make no effort to repeat it?

  • Absolutely nothing instills a desire for justice more than being a victim of injustice.

  • There probably is no more certain way to handicap an individualís progress, or even a nationís progress, than to adopt dogmas about how one should be; as long as dogmas describe what an individual or a nation should be, no higher goal is likely and the potential is never fully developed.

  • Those that denigrate free competition undoubtedly imagine themselves wise enough to define the limits of that freedom.

  • If you want to destroy a nation, first give their citizens an unquenchable desire for what they have never earned and then a government willing to go into unlimited debt to satisfy those desires.

  • Lurking in the shadows, cast by foreign threats, await those that would steal our freedoms by increments.

  • Itís getting to be that it takes more and more war just to have less and less peace.

  • Mankind doesnít kill one another over matters of fact; they destroy one another over assumptions that conflict, such as religion, politics, racial superiorities and inferiorities, and other matters that matter little if at all in the long run.


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