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  • Civilizations tend to create molds for us to fit into; it is up to the individual that wants to remain free, to not fit in without breaking the mold.

  • To remind others of the good deeds that we have done for them is to cancel out the good.

  • Being critical of the young is like plucking the feathers from a bird and expecting it to fly.

  • Each of us is born with a creative impulse that is usually crushed by the criticisms of others; those that retain that impulse are the ones that, for unknowable reasons, just donít give a damn what others think.

  • We should be aware that when we think of asking others for advice, that we may only be seeking someone to blame in case we fail.

  • To remain ordinary, study the ordinary people that are about us daily. To rise above the ordinary, one must focus on those that have successfully made the journey to wherever one aspires.

  • There is never a reason to dispute with another except in the very rare circumstances where a vested interest lies in the otherís opinions. Even rarer than this circumstance, is where a dispute ever changes eitherís opinion.

  • That "Fools rush in where wise men fear to tread." often means that itís the fools that get the booty.

  • In strip mining, the layer above the sought-after mineral must first be removed before any product is mined. The top layer is called the overburden. In much the same way, oneís overburden, consists of what others have taught us that we are, what others have taught us that we should be, and what others have taught us that we should become, must first be removed. After the overburden is removed, we get to what we really are; which generally is no more like what we thought t we were than is the overburden that conceals a valuable mineral.

  • A life should be grown so that the harvest occurs after the crop matures rather than, as many do today, to harvest before the flowers have bloomed and the fruit has set.

  • We tend to admire those that have an exaggerated resemblance to what we believe our selves to be. If we want to understand another, just find out whom they most admire.

  • Life should be lived as though itís a whole book, and not just a chapter repeated over and over.

  • Doubt should never be a cause for inaction, but always a cause for consideration of possibilities before acting.

  • There are many things, that when swept under a rug, places it in a perfect environment for reproducing more of the same.

  • If, in our employment, we only do that which is adequate, we shouldnít expect to be paid any more than that which is adequate for sustaining life.

  • It is best to keep oneís mouth closed when sleeping and when angry.

  • When serendipity comes to call, it doesnít ring the doorbell.

  • It is true that people tend to believe whatever they want; the surprising thing is that some of the things that they believe turn out to be true.

  • It shouldnít be surprising, that if we fall for someone that they will walk all over us; if we remain standing we just might proceed as equals.

  • Being obedient with our bodies is called slavery; being obedient with our minds is called faith.

  • One thing that canít be faked is humor.

  • Compassion for the sorrows of others lightens the burden of our own sorrows.

  • Even in the absence of the government, confession can and will be used against you.

  • Social conformity is usually a requirement in any group; but the conformity that is most satisfying is conforming to that standard that is only found deep with each of us.

  • To say one thing today and its opposite tomorrow, may not be inconsistency; but may be consistency with oneís beliefs that are ever yielding to a constantly changing world.

  • Conspiracy theories are especially alluring to those that have failed in life; as conspiracies serve as scapegoats that they manufacture for themselves and to explain the failures of others.

  • Few have the courage to confront the enemy dwelling within them.

  • The measure of today should not be yesterday but rather the needs of tomorrow.

  • We should wonder, when we fail to comprehend another, whether the fault lies within us or within the other.

  • The cynic needs to learn to break it to us gently.

  • We are not carried to the inevitable on a conveyor belt named ďdestinyĒ; rather, each of us is carried by nothing other than our ability to create our destiny each day by our choices.

  • The belief of a danger often causes us to respond by creating even more serious dangers.

  • Often we must reach into darkness to discover light.

  • Possessing charity with out action is like possessing a light bulb without electricity.

  • Custom is more for observation than observing for those that would become free.


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