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  • If we are only as old as we feel, why is it that weíre older some days, and then younger the next day when older?

  • "Holding oneís tongue" is easier when it is taking a rest.

  • Many go through life like someone trying to read a book without turning pages.

  • We would all be poorer spiritually if we were required to show a logical basis for love.

  • Nothing so sooths our relationships as does gratitude; and nothing so scalds relationships as ingratitude.

  • Isnít it strange how many men spend so much more attention on the amount of hair on their head than what goes inside?

  • Pet peeves seem to bark incessantly when trying to sleep.

  • If weíre never given more than we can bear, why is it that we die?

  • Without courage, we are condemned to live in the ruts made by others.

  • Grief is like a long dark tunnel that must be traversed before seeing sunlight again.

  • When we age, beauty is to be found less in the opposite sex and more in life itself.

  • One is not strengthened by power, only made more threatening. One is not purified by rejecting power, only made more human.

  • Many are more concerned about finding the sources of their misery than discovering a way to happiness.

  • The most valuable part of learning is to determine what we believe that is false, and what is true.

  • The only way freedom can be given to anyone is by first taking it from them.

  • Civilization grows intellectually as though reality has to be broken to it gently.

  • We probably are all equal, but we donít know yet in what way.

  • Few want an honest answer when asking for an honest opinion.

  • When reaching what seems like an impenetrable obstacle, one has discovered opportunity, for this is where those that went before were turned back.

  • We, like everything else, are most vulnerable when we stand out from all others, but that is the way we are most likely to advance.

  • Those that are prejudiced should be regarded as the poisoned seeking to poison others.

  • It seems that wherever we plant our feet, we harvest patriotism.

  • Style and fashion tend to appeal to the weak or those that fear appearing different; the difference between being weak and being fearful is like the difference between being round and being elliptical.

  • The voice of the majority is most often the voice of ignorance provided with a lofty name.

  • Few would want to be around a masochist, especially one that practices the Golden Rule.

  • Indecision may be wise in advance but fatal in the present.

  • It seems to be in our nature to disvalue what we have and to inflate the value of what we donít have but want.

  • The greatest tragedies of life are those that got nothing that they wanted and those that got everything that they wanted.

  • We are closer to being the savage than we are to being what we think ourselves to be.

  • Saving is a hellish torment to the spendthrift.

  • No recognized genius ever got recognized by cowering from criticism.

  • There are those, that when encountering another, change as much as does an actor on stage once the curtain is raised, and maintains that character until the curtain falls and is alone again.

  • When an old man plants a tree, he doesnít do so just to benefit those that will follow, but does so also to put a bit of his life into something that will survive his body.

  • Intellectuals tend to fixate on an ideal and seek that ideal even if it is imbedded in the greatest of evils.

  • Any nation and every society is in danger when its followers are imbued with ever higher and higher expectations after they have already reached the penthouse.

  • There are far more that are intelligent but unwise than there are that are both wise and intelligent.

  • The person that is most blessed is the person that is so content that the wish for tomorrow is for only another today.

  • A dog that is difficult to control is put on a leash, but so far no leash has been developed for an uncontrollable tongue.

  • Fame is a seductress that entices but seldom fulfills.

  • Many would choose to conquer a thousand than to conquer just one if that one were oneself.


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