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  • The most tyrannical of all groups are those minorities that feel oppressed by the majorities.

  • Every small liberty, claimed as theirs by our government, is one less freedom that Americans of the future will have, because liberties, like time, only moves in one direction.

  • Nothing that is real is incorruptible regardless of what noble name is inscribed on it, and anything that is real can be made uncorrupted again, but this requires that the corruption be recognized, something that few if any institutions ever do willingly.

  • It is pure myth to suppose that there is ever one informed voter; what we have only are voters with narrow interests that are only vaguely informed as to what their candidates may or may not do, regarding those interests, if elected.

  • Any nation and every society is in danger when its followers are imbued with ever higher and higher expectations after they have already reached the penthouse.

  • The greater the power, inherent in any office, the narrower should be its focus to use that power.

  • Without compromise, we and our institutions become as brittle as an ice cycle and as durable also.

  • Those that are corrupted by their great power will usually be destroyed by its excesses.

  • It may be that the victors of future wars will be those that are defeated but refuse to acknowledge their defeat.

  • Insecurity about beliefs is the chief reason that society persecutes those whose beliefs conflict with those of the many.

  • History has shown that liberty sprouts and grows only in those places where its benefactors are willing to fertilize it with zeal and water it with blood as needed.

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  • One should always be aware of what authorities indicate that you should do. Authorities are regarded as authorities because they are experts in the general cases that they understand, but they are not and never will be authorities in the specific cases that they encounter. Probably, we will find that we fall under the general cases most often, and if that seems correct to the individual, then the instructions provided by that authority can be helpful; one should always suspect those instructions that seem not to apply to the specific-- you. When this is true, most times it works more to one’s benefit to reject the authority and follow one’s own course.

  • Nowhere is this truer than when we get further away from science such as we do in religion and politics. Here, authorities are much more often incorrect, as there really are no authorities in the objective sense, but only authorities on their own opinions. Even when we deal in areas that have a verifiable existence, authorities are incorrect much more often than most suspect when they take the giant leap and apply the general to the specific.

  • The longer ago that we refer to an authority, the less likely that that authority is relevant to the individual of today, and even less likely to be relevant to the individual of the future, even when we are dealing with pure science. In areas where there are large disagreements between those that hold themselves up as authorities, the greater the likelihood that authorities are only authorities on their own opinions, such as mentioned earlier regarding religion and politics. Even within certain fields that seem objective or scientific, such as economics and psychology, the objectivity and science are so weak in regards to what is unknown and perhaps even unknowable, that one’s personal opinions may be more accurate than those in the fields that claim authority.

  • In general, authorities are often most suited for those that want a proxy for a parent than those that want to find their most optimal path through life.


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