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  • The house of worship that we attend indicates our theology but not our religion.That which we hold above all else, and that in which we also live accordingly, is our religion, and not our theology.

  • Anything, whether natural, manmade, or claimed to be divine in origin, that sets man above man, man against man, or man indifferent to man, cannot be of God, but those things that do should be associated with satanic origin at worst or ignorance at best.

  • It is said that “The truth shall set ye free.”, but for many, that price is far too dear.

  • "What is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” is said in the Bible, but it seems that there are a few souls where this would be a wise trade, with the Devil on the losing end.

  • It would be easier to focus on the prayer if grace were said after the meal.

  • One of the reasons that so many shun religious beliefs has to do with the religious leaders themselves when they claim or sense that they have a hot-line to God, and whatever they receive by this means, indicates how others should be. Thus, the message is as varied as are those that so communicate. It is as though there are designer theologies that are custom made for attracting the maximum number of followers.

  • In the Serenity Prayer, we ask: “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference.” Unfortunately we very often don’t know what can be changed by perseverance. This results in our doing less than we are able and accepting many things that should be changed.

  • It is appalling how the fear of Hell is used to try and coerce nonbelievers into believing in a perfect and loving God.

  • To be better than we are requires no voice from a pulpit, no words from a book, and no inspiration from nature; all that’s required is to look within ourselves and discover that which was always there.

  • Few things will generate as much coercion of others as the doubts struggling within those that coerce.

  • Humility creates a room within in us large enough to enclose the infinite.

  • All theologies were or are perversions of God, for God would never allow beliefs in Him to set man against man. Throughout history each theology has been turned against another; if God were ever present in any theology that did this, God would surely have abandoned such a theology to live only within the heart of everyone.

  • If there is a Heaven, then the joy of self-realization must be its preview.

  • Beliefs and opinions bristle with self-interest while facts have no need of followers.

  • That “Adam knew Eve his wife, and she conceived.” has to have been the most important introduction on record.

  • A happy marriage is a kind of miracle where angels seem to combine two mountains into only one which will be much higher than either was before.

  • One of the chief criterions of theologies is that their followers must not think or reason but accept blindly assertions from those that claim authority. In all other areas of mankind’s existence authorities on what cannot be verified have been shown to have acted in their own narrow self-interests. What reason do we have to expect anything different regarding all theologies?

  • There is a kind of euphoria that always rushes in to exhilarate us when we latch on to the delusion of knowing absolutely what should be and what shouldn’t be. That theologies can impart such addictive all-is-well responses in their followers is not surprising.

  • It is strange that religions rail against sexual perversions while some religions exalt the greatest of all sexual perversions, - chastity. There were no exclusions expressed when God commanded to go forth and multiply.


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