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  • Advice should always be custom made for any requesting it; otherwise it is near certain to have no benefit if merely provided with "off-the-shelf-advice".

  • The kindest yet still honest way to express disapproval is by not expressing any approval.

  • It is wise to not duel with someone that has made dueling a lifelong practice.

  • As we grow, we should not be like the willow that grows quickly and dies, but like an oak that grows slowly and is able to withstand bitter winters and the destructive winds of summer.

  • If we would only reflect on the amount of care and planning that has occurred to get us to this very second, we would restrain from many activities that offer little benefit, but instead offers great risk to the entirety of all that we are. We need to ask: Is the reward of the act really worth the risk?

  • If your doctor ever tells you that someone your age shouldnít be doing a particular thing; ask how much longer you need to wait.

  • In "jumping to conclusions" we need to be sure and not cling too tightly to those conclusions.

  • If you come across something that "makes your head spin", you need to be sure that your body spins too, or else you will soon lose your head.

  • You canít make a double play from the dugout.

  • You should always question everything that follows- "It goes without saying".

  • One of the major secrets of happiness is to maximize the alternatives that you have available, rather than waiting to have a list of alternatives imposed upon you.

  • There is something that is more important than knowing what to pay attention to, and that is knowing what to completely ignore.

  • If you canít earn a good reputation, hire a good public-relations person to make one for you.

  • We should follow the example of Santa Claus by never overstaying our visits.

  • A good leader leads where the followers would have gone anyway; an outstanding leader goes to where the followers should have been going.

  • Those that save the best for last often save the best for their heirs.

  • No matter how objective nihilism is or could become, and no matter how liberating it may be, nihilism will be rejected by virtually all because it doesnít embody any delusions of even the most minor grandeur.

  • It is our habit of thought to think of a space that contains only air as being of little value. Yet that very same space becomes one of our highest values when we enclose it and call it home. Much of what we most value started out as nothing until we acted to transform it. Such cases, among many, are education, love, and understanding,

  • Any idea is easier for others to accept if the idea incorporates some element of immortality for its potential adopters.

  • It is the fool that follows a road map when it says there is a road where there is none; so are we all from time to time when dogma tells us one thing while our senses and intellect tell us that the dogma is false and yet we follow the dogma.

  • We may be that we are the end product of evolution, but it is unlikely that we are the last.

  • Knowledge is like a building site that has received all of its building materials; understanding and wisdom are the assembling those materials into something that is useful.

  • An absolute vacuum is believed to exist nowhere in the Universe, but perhaps we should at least suspect its existence in our heads from time to time.

  • A fool and his beliefs are seldom parted.


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