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  • The wariest opponent of our happiness, was, is, and will always be ourselves.

  • Nothing is as magnified in our minds as is the fear of the unknown. Once the unknown becomes known, fear is generally relegated to insignificance. It is easy to see that it is our ignorance that breeds most fear, and that knowledge is what quells it.

  • More people would "just be themselves" if they could only first figure who they really are.

  • Most people travel through life as passengers instead of drivers.

  • If our wisdom would only grow as fast as our knowledge, there would be much greater reason for optimism.

  • For some reason we have positive feelings towards the concept of humanity; even though humans have been by far the most savage towards themselves and all other creatures.

  • "Christmas goodwill towards others" shows that we are capable of goodwill every day.

  • None are so drawn to covet power as are the weak.

  • Humans have such a burning quest to know, that they will willingly accept counterfeit knowledge.

  • Each age is but one link in the chain that connects the past with the future; but it is the delusion of each age that it is not just a link, but the anchor for both the past and the future.

  • One’s sense of beauty about life is inversely proportional to the degree of negative feelings that one has towards others.

  • There comes into each life times when tsunamis of trials and sorrows seem to sweep over us; but if life is sustained, the day will come when we will give thanks for our persistency.

  • The taproot into the soul of another is language.

  • Reason is one of the things that can be seen with both eyes closed.

  • Many problems are best solved by merely waiting for them to pass; unfortunately mankind seems prone to activity that often is like stirring a hornet’s nest.

  • When some acquire wealth, they also acquire the means of their own self-destruction.

  • It is a normal tendency to try and live up to the expectations that others have of us; if they think us to be honorable, we tend to be so; if they think us to be scoundrels, we’ll not disappoint.

  • A pleasing edifice can be on a home ridden with termites as well as on a person ridden with corruption.

  • Advice, that is intended to help others, is best placed along the path that they travel instead of on their doorsteps.

  • If one wants to avoid being eaten by tigers, one stays away from them; similarly if one wants to avoid being devoured by destructive habits, one would keep the means of those habits away, and certainly not buy those means and keep them close by.

  • Adversities, added in small increments, can be endured and perhaps even strengthen their victim, while the aggregate of those adversities, if initiated all at once would probably destroy and not strengthen.

  • When a woman has a miscarriage, it may be that nature or God has only found something that shouldn’t be; if only mankind’s plans, that gave birth to evil, could have been miscarried during their pregnancies, so much better would be the world.

  • Common sense is only the seedling of wisdom.

  • After living long, one can look back on long ago years as though they were a recollection of parts of movies or books, and not of one’s own life, yet one is always aware that they are the character, even when it seems like it was another.

  • Courtesy is the emollient of life and discourtesy its sandpaper.

  • If a vile person and a virtuous person are forced to be together, it will be found that vile is more contagious than virtue.

  • Slogans serve as thoughts to those that think in slogans.

  • All those we know are but passengers on the trains of our lives.

  • Those that went before wanted to thrust us up into a better life, and when we find it so, we should not feel guilty for their success.

  • Without compromise, we and our institutions become as brittle as an ice cycle and as durable also.

  • Those that destroy the hopes of others may be removing all that they possess, thus leaving them no reason not to do desperate acts.

  • Character is shaped on the forge of life, and only by the hammerings of adversity can it be strengthened and shaped into something that is of any value.

  • Killing time is a personal crime, as it is only our time that we kill, as all other time proceeds without noticing.

  • There are those that are so predisposed to thinking that others are trying to control them, that no matter how helpfully intended is another, that they’d probably reject rescue even if drowning.

  • That we shouldn’t criticize what we don’t understand is obvious; what isn’t obvious is that we understand nothing and hence we should criticize nothing. Saying “I don’t like it.” is sufficient.

  • When another says: “I know what I mean but I just can’t find the words.”, you can be sure that the other is trying to express a feeling and not a thought, something that song and poetry do well but what few can do well simply with words

  • Old age is a curse to most but to a few a blessing when they discover within themselves a stranger they will call friend.

  • Many speak first and then try to find the reasoning to support their words; had they reasoned first and then spoken, their words would have supported themselves.


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Page 40 of  161

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