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  • Declaring that oneís belief in God is an entirely rational decision, is a delusion as this kind of belief arises from emotions not reason; we believe in joy, hope and love, not because they are reasonable, but because they are undeniably within us, as well may be God.

  • Scratch a pious Christian that believes that all who believe differently will spend an eternity in Hell, and a closet-sadist will bleed.

  • When there are no facts, latch onto a theory; when facts arrive abandon the theory. Many of the beliefs of today are the result of doing the former and not the latter.

  • Denying the obvious truth of evolution provides the same ability to see the truth that the ostrich is said to employ when its head is buried.

  • There are those that contend that their religion is the only true religion and that all others are false in some way. They seem to believe that God is restricted in His ability to speak differently to different peoples at different times. Such parochial beliefs would be recognized as arrogance if it werenít for so many harboring the same narrow belief as to Godís powers.

  • To many, religious freedom means that other religions will be tolerated as long as those religions appear on their list of acceptable religions.

  • Though many, and perhaps most of our beliefs, cannot be proven absolutely, that is no reason for their abandonment, and likewise that is also no reason for their unquestioned acceptance.

  • If a perfect person were to enter Heaven and meet some friends that were sinners, do you suppose that the person would be repentant for not having sinned?

  • There are many who are willing to die for their religion but are reluctant to live it.

  • If Jesus should arrive amongst us today, it is doubtful that he would recognize or attend to any of the various religions or churches that bear His name.

  • When my time comes to die, I pray that Iím unconcerned as to whether there is life after death, because I hope that I will feel that Iíve done enough existing and desire no more.

  • Darwin was correct about the evolution of the species in that those species most able to change are the most likely to survive and those least able to change are the first to become extinct. The same principles are also applicable to institutions, whether they are political, religious, or commercial.

  • If you have a secret that you feel must be told, but you donít want it to be known by two others, then tell the secret to God.

  • Organized religions often serve as Trojan Horses for many of their leaders and followers to disguise the real motives for their acts.

  • The acts of others tell us of their religions; their words tell us only of their theologies.


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