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  • Freedom is neither sufficient nor necessary to produce happiness. The feeling of being free is not sufficient to produce happiness, but it is necessary.

  • The stronger we feel that our opinions are based on facts, the greater the likelihood that our opinions are on biased "facts".

  • Those that hope that material things will bring happiness will find that hope empty. The only thing that can bring happiness is wrapped in the package we see when looking in the mirror.

  • The feeling that we must always conform to society, is evidence that the chains of bondage are now linked to the prisons in our minds.

  • Mankind will always have to drink from the unfathomable well of ignorance.

  • Vanity is to personal integrity, as gold plating is to brass.

  • It is impossible to know what is impossible. We can only know what has been tried.

  • Those that are truly free, if seeking the control of others, will tend to lose their freedom in proportion to that effort.

  • The self-made man is really professing magical powers in controlling his genes and the world about him.

  • Great ambition for power over others is an unquenchable parasite which thrives on success, and which eventually consumes the soul of its host.

  • "Uncertainty" is the natural state of mankind. It is "certainty" that is the alien and why certainty brings us so much grief.

  • Few things are as perishable as the credit received for a task well done, or as durable as the blame for a task done poorly.

  • The frailty of aging is only a case of overdosing on years.

  • What weíve accomplished in life, is but a small part of what the fear of failing prevented.

  • The "House of Pain" can only be occupied by its owner.

  • Itís very easy to be certain on any subject; you only have to be sufficiently ignorant about it.

  • There are many that lament that love at sixty isnít the same as love at sixteen, but the wise at sixty look forward to love at ninety.

  • Impatience seems to be a peculiarly human trait; the rest of nature is very patient and is quite willing to wait for discoveries.Perhaps our impatience is really a reprssed desire for our own extinction.

  • Individuals become creative when their fear of failure finally becomes less than their fear of not succeeding.

  • There are those that were born into wealth that behave as though they were the ones that produced it; instead it is more likely that it was because of the wealth that they were produced.

  • We are fortunate that laws, directed against the harming of others, doesnít include prosecution against us for the harm that we self inflict.

  • We can see further standing on our feet than on our knees.

  • Total ignorance is like total darkness, but even those that we regard as our brightest, their highly regarded knowledge is but the early dawning on a winter morning.

  • Many problems are like a grain of sand; impossible to ignore if getting into the eye, but nearly impossible to notice if the eyes are kept closed in their presence.

  • The shortest bridge that we will ever cross is the bridge between life and death.

  • There are no happy endings in life, but there can be many happy middles.

  • One thing that sets mankind apart from all other living things is our tendencies to blame others for failures and to claim credit for successes.

  • Each of us are born as a know-nothing, then learns for a few years until becoming a knows-it-all, then lives much longer and becomes a knows-it-less and less each year until we become a know-nothing again.

  • Truth cannot be stretched; those that claim to, encloses that which is false.

  • The thing that impresses us most about the intellect of another is their recognition of ours.

  • We seem to believe that those that are called superior have tastes that are so discerning that only a few things are acceptable; actually they are the most impoverished as it is those that find all in life enriching that are truly the wealthiest among us.

  • Within each of us dwell many answers to questions that life is yet to ask.

  • It really is natural that we are all imprisoned, some of us by dogmas, some by lack of imagination, some by lack of opportunity, some by our physical limitations, some by our beliefs that we are incapable of betterment, and some by the limitations of the Universe. We are all imprisoned; the question is whether the prison is within ourselves or the Universe.

  • We like, we love, and we hate far fewer things than we believe; most of the time, itís the idea about these things that have captured our emotions, not the thing itself.


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