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  • Taking things in the stock market for granted usually means oneís cupboard will be bare.

  • In selecting stocks, some would rather loose their "tails" than lose face.

  • If money talks, try to listen to it in the bank when it says "Iíll see you later".

  • Few things are as valuable in the stock market as a portfolio of patience.

  • Freedom without any wealth is like an Earth without a Sun, existing in a theory, but without any probability.

  • You should only assume the good will of another until the subject of "money" is brought up.

  • Those that focus on buying technology stocks are like lemmings racing to be first to the edge of the cliff.

  • Thousands of books are written on how to accumulate wealth, but there are few books on how to keep from losing wealth. If one canít do the latter, there is little point to the former.

  • Free enterprise involves: the opportunity to price to what the market is willing pay, to permit competition to enter the same market, and for consumers to reject or accept what is offered at the prevailing prices. Those that reject this process must offer an improvement on freedom.

  • It is wise to be suspicious of any proposal that involves money.

  • There is a close inverse relationship in the frequency of trading stocks and the frequency of making profits.

  • Many investors seem to believe that there is some kind of god that always hovers above them deciding if they will succeed or fail; and they call that god "Luck".

  • The first two steps to financial independence are earning a good wage and wasting little of it.

  • No statement coming from The Federal Reserve should be believed nor disbelieved either; rather focus on the probable intent of those statements if one hopes to prosper by them.

  • When you find yourself in agreement with the majority as to the stock marketís future, it is near certain that you will suffer a loss.


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