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  • Beware of those that claim authority over your body, but be in terror of those that claim authority over your mind; because their appetites for power are insatiable and would claim your body too if they had the power.

  • The nation that doesn't fear the thoughts and actions of its citizens is a secure nation that will evolve and endure. The nation that fears the thoughts and actions of its citizens is an insecure nation that will regress and disintegrate; because it will last only as long as greater and greater repression is used until finally overthrown.

  • Were it not for the lust for power, we would need to run "Help Wanted" ads just to fill out the election ballots.

  • The term "Public Servant" is clearly a misnomer as is obvious to most that have had to deal with these mini-gods.

  • The downside for leaders, that have many vigorous followers, is revealed at the cliff’s edge.

  • The ethics of politics is unlike the ethics of life, in that the first regards reelection as the highest good, while the latter regards the welfare of life as being the highest good.

  • Those that want to censure others, because what they say that might be offensive to someone, are called politically correct; but they are the modern day equivalent of the book-burners of Germany in the 1930s.

  • If freedom doesn’t reside in strong hands, then that freedom will be taken by those with strong hands and crushed.

  • It is a terrible mistake, to judge the mores of those in the countries that are just emerging into a modern community, by our standards; especially when our own history shows that our mores were little different than theirs are when we were just emerging.

  • Might doesn’t make right, but it does make a good arguing point.

  • Our freedom shouldn’t be preserved by politics; rather it is politics that should be preserved by our freedom.

  • Those that protest media by claiming that something should be censored, prove to be the most successful advertisement for whatever they want censored. They guarantee the success of what they condemn while apparently warming their hearts in the process.

  • If many of our citizens had their way, our country, as we know it, would be disassembled and reassembled according to their ideals. We always need be vigilant towards those individuals, having this inclination, when seeking power whether in government or elsewhere.

  • Though the public claims otherwise, what it is not prepared for is complete honesty from its leaders.

  • Free speech was expensive to acquire.

  • History has shown that once a government finds out what its citizens will put up with; then the government will put it to them.

  • If we want to make sure that science doesn’t solve many of today’s problems, all we need do is establish very narrow corridors in which we allow scientists to pursue knowledge.

  • We are rapidly approaching a time when we will recognize the obvious; that even though we may defeat a nation, we may never defeat a people that refuse to give up their struggle.

  • If we have rules for our children and we don’t enforce them, we teach them disobedience. If governments make laws that they cannot or will not enforce, they encourage their citizens to become lawbreakers.


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