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  • If we are to build our futures on sand, we should first be sure to mix the sand with Portland cement.

  • Many achieve the pinnacle of success very much like an automobile that rushes to the summit of a hill without brakes.

  • Once we bend the truth, there is no unbending it.

  • A truly virtuous person is one that would behave virtuously even if he were certain that there was no afterlife.

  • Those that donít think for themselves, function intellectually as living pipes that pass thoughts from someone else to others willing to listen.

  • For a change of pace, try something different, such as marinating the moment.

  • We should be as welcoming of new ideas as we are of babies, since both might grow up to be something that the world values most highly.

  • Live life as if each day you were in the process of manufacturing tomorrow, but not as though that were all you were doing.

  • Our greatest betrayal is of ourselves when we violate those moral principles that we hold most dear.

  • The tongue is a blade that cuts most deeply, producing wounds that even physicians canít mend.

  • If our convictions are to be useful tools for living, they must first be taken out of our toolboxes and applied to the tasks for which they were designed.

  • If you fail to take control of your life, it is certain that others will.

  • So much of mankindís failures are the result of individuals not trying to right great wrongs because of only being able to right small wrongs.

  • If you want to avoid mistakes, just do the same thing day after day; but, that then is probably lifeís greatest mistake.

  • Few things are as unseemly as blaming someone else, whether accurate or not.

  • If you want to put your priorities in order, just pretend that youíve been given notice of being terminally ill.

  • It is wise to have doubts of everything including doubting our doubts.

  • Through most of life we are either the numerator or the denominator and occasionally the product.

  • One thing that makes going to sleep difficult is to think of how many things that could very well have happened but didnít, though no credit to ourselves, that would have made life desperate instead of comfortable.

  • A hundred intuitive hunches can save anyone from having to make one rational decision.

  • Most of the time there is no safety in numbers, but there is a lot of danger.

  • Generally the more people talk about what theyíre going to do, the less theyíre going to do what theyíre talking about.

  • Those that reminisce should remember, the past isnít and never was what it used to be.

  • Were it not for the possible truth in what others say, weíd never be offended by their criticisms.

  • Perhaps there is some grand purpose for mankindís existence, and perhaps we are all just unusual bits of flotsam drifting through time and space. While living, neither belief can be supported by verifiable evidence and perhaps also not even after life either.

  • Almost every problem is easy to solve as long as itís someone elseís.

  • All things that are material are temporal; the things that we regard as existing but being non-material either donít exist or if they do, there is no way of testing for their durability, and are therefore un-testable hypotheses.

  • In general, we are only in the particular.


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