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  • Few things are as potentially corrupting as is the pursuit of money. Few things are as predictive of hardship as is the absence of money.

  • Those that seem to live on public opinion should expect to die from it also.

  • Those that try to find happiness at the dinner-table will find their stomachs full and their happiness fleeting.

  • Being a loner has gotten a bad reputation because the only ones you ever hear about are the screw-ups. Did you ever hear a newscaster say, or read in a newspaper that some of the other screw-ups were non-loners?

  • Those that shirk from trying, because they fear their limitations, always deal with the absolutely unknowable; as nothing is so unknowable as what we might become in the absence of fear.

  • There are many that are prideful, and also many that are arrogant because of their successful choices in life; but none can explain how they earlier made the choices to acquire the abilities that permitted later successful choices. In the end, we are always the product of causes that we can never explain, and which pride and arrogance are always misplaced.

  • We are sometimes in a situation where we must depend on another, and we ask: Can I trust you?" Day in and day out, the more important question is: "Should I trust myself?"

  • In our passage through life, the older we get the more we use the rearview mirror and the less we look through the windshield.

  • When the mind stops growing, it starts molding.

  • We are all born Homo sapiens but it takes many years to become human.

  • Most of what we argue about has no demonstrable existence. We rarely argue about things that can be verified to exist. Wouldn’t it be strange if we heard an argument about the nature of yellow? Yet, many will argue and fight to the death over the nature of God.

  • Two of the happiest times in life are when a child is born and when it becomes eighteen.

  • The moment you were born, the die was cast.

  • We will probably always have the tendency to regard others as self-centered if they show more interests in themselves than they do in us.

  • The longest lasting fame is of those that didn’t seek it but instead sought only to do their best regardless of the judgments of others.

  • Those that are corrupted by their great power will usually be destroyed by its excesses.

  • The hasty anger, the ready complaint, the frequent neglect, the unspoken compliment that was deserved, the withheld help that was needed, and the encouraging word during discouragement, all become thorns in our lament when forever barred from mending.

  • Through most of life we quibble over trifles while the meaningful go begging.

  • The doors to seek out are the ones where the brass doorknobs are not shiny.

  • All of the perversities of life that befell others, could also have befallen us were it not for fortuitous circumstances that we could neither have controlled nor even influenced. It is an error to assume that we have created what we are and that others have created what they are. The differences are found in very small and usually unknowable things that cause some to be as if blessed and others to be as if cursed.

  • Words that flow as in a flood are desired by few while the words that flow as trickles are treasured by the many.

  • None but the weak would regard pride a virtue and humility degrading.

  • Without a marquee, we would never know whether there is a comedy or tragedy within the theater or within an individual either.

  • With so much misery in the world, why do we indicate that it craves more company when we say that misery loves company?

  • It is only when in sickness that we completely recognize and value our previous good health, and because this is so, an occasional sickness helps put, what is truly of value, into rational perspective.

  • It is a delusion to believe that were we able to live exactly as another that we would be as happy as we believe that other to be.

  • The greatest value of a comfortable retirement is the ability to develop that inner-self that lay dormant while one’s efforts were contending with all of the earlier day-to-day problems.

  • Anything that we are wary of, we will find, even if we must create it, as such is the way of fears.

  • Evolution continues in our existence, but because we can neither comprehend very large or very small numbers, we remain unaware that we are the link between what mankind was and what mankind will be.

  • The greatest test of courage is not to be found in boldly confronting the dangers that are well publicized; rather the greatest courage is found in those, willing to confront, day in and day out, the many struggles that seem overpowering and certain to defeat them.

  • One of life’s greatest and rarest blessings is to be found in the deep and lasting love between a man and a woman that evolves, over the decades, into a union that neither knew before ever existed anywhere.

  • Only the most secure will ever benefit from criticism, and benefit whether the criticism was benevolent or malicious.

  • Profanity is the result of a limited vocabulary and limited concern for the ears of others.

  • Unfortunately the saying “We live and learn” Is all too true when its reverse would benefit us far more.

  • Very often, the most expensive things of life are received free of charge.


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Page 41 of  161

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