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  • Many take their family relationships as though they’re not just connected by blood but connected as if by Super Glue.

  • If our beliefs and conclusions get any shallower than they are, they’ll probably break our necks if we jump into them.

  • Napoleon said that an army travels on its stomach; but we, as individuals, travel through life on our assumptions as though they were certainties, leading many to disasters like Napoleon’s at Moscow when the stomachs became empty.

  • Those that are judged innocent by man, but guilty by one’s heart, have been sentenced to life imprisonment outside of prisons.

  • There are those that believe that the highest value in the Universe is reasoned knowledge. For this to be so, one must first imagine reasoned knowledge as existing in the absence of mankind.

  • The habit of giving gifts on certain dates is an effort in self-delusion to believe that the giver has positive feelings towards the recipient. However, there’s no way of knowing whether the act was an expression of feelings or the abiding by the tyranny of custom, or both. A true gift should only be an expression of feeling, and if dates are removed, they would tend to become only that.

  • There is near universal preference for the comforts of existing beliefs compared to the discomforts of new thoughts.

  • Might doesn’t make right in most cases, as few things should be more dreaded than sincere convictions imposed on others by employing great power and stupidity.

  • Many that claim to have open minds are really only open to new ideas that reinforce old ideas.

  • We should never be concerned as to another’s beliefs unless there is reason to believe that those beliefs will likely result in harm to someone other than to the owner of those beliefs.

  • Freedom of speech doesn’t mean that there was freedom of thought beforehand.

  • The proponents of censorship that oppose nudity because of its potential for sexual arousal should sponsor laws for putting clothing on pets and farm animals because of their potential for sexual arousal by those that practice bestiality.

  • So many of the things that we believe we must have, turn out to be like a beautifully wrapped Christmas present containing nothing.

  • If we hold our beliefs as being only assumptions, we remain open to change, and are never kept awake at night by a challenge to a deeply held belief.

  • The most harmful of untruths are often those that are 99% true.

  • Of all the wise sayings of my grandmother, the simplest but most useful one is the one that seems least wise. She often told me: “You can learn to like anything.” From that saying, I can see that others already have learned to like anything, even pain.

  • One makes a mistake when believing that the index for the “Book of Tomorrow” has already been written.

  • To know the beliefs of another, pay attention as to what is done and not what is said; but be aware, that we must observe all that is done, not just that which is done publicly. Since we can never do this, we are always barred from knowing another’s beliefs by either declaration or observable acts. But we can, on occasion, discover differences between declarations and acts, and therefore estimate which is the more probable.


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Page 41 of  131

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