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  • Of what use is freedom of thought and freedom of speech unless one is willing to think and speak differently?

  • Great power is always abused, even when it is the people who acquire it. Those that chant: “Power to the people” are asking for the power to destroy the nation of which they are a part.

  • Many of our laws are like putting scarecrows in a field of weeds.

  • It will always be perplexing, to any nation that desires peace and recognizes that the general welfare of mankind is benefited in achieving it, as to what to do in response to another group that believes just the opposite.

  • One right that cannot be taken from us is the right to be imperfect.

  • Rarely does any government regurgitate any power that it has swallowed.

  • One of the greatest weaknesses in a democracy is that its leaders are elected by the people to act in certain ways on their behalf, and then having done so, the people blame the politicians instead of themselves.

  • Successful politics rests on the successful use of the truth for personal benefits, and the willingness of the electorate to accept those twisted truths as somehow illuminating.

  • The old saying that “Possession is nine points of the law.” Is irrelevant today when the law has millions of points.

  • Power, when possessed by those that feel insecure, means that those that are without power will be less secure.

  • Political objectives are short-term only except in words. The long-term is the next person’s problem.

  • Those that chant “Power to the people.” Ignore the obvious fact that the people are in no way qualified to use that power in the nation’s interests, and most often not even in their own interests.

  • The main business of a bureaucracy is to grow itself.

  • Communism is founded on the common desire of many to bring those that are above them down to their level; in this only, has Communism succeeded.

  • Enslavement can arrive as a thunderclap or as a persistent whisper.

  • Instead of leaving future generations assets to enrich their lives, we are sending them a bill to pay for our enrichment through public debt.


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