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  • Those, shocked by today’s pornography, fear the same moral disaster as those that once were shocked by “a glimpse of stocking”.

  • Each age is but one link in the chain that connects the past with the future; but it is the delusion of each age that it is not just a link, but the anchor for both the past and the future.

  • Many go through life like someone trying to read a book without turning pages.

  • The desperate circumstances in our inner cities are like abscesses just waiting to burst and spread throughout the body.

  • Excessive humility is a form of ego-exhibitionism.

  • Most education teaches the original thoughts of others while seldom encouraging original thoughts in students, especially those that conflict with cultural norms.

  • An unwritten law is a mislabeled custom.

  • In the conflict between knowledge and ignorance, there may be inertia but no neutrality.

  • Let’s hope that Windows© doesn’t learn to give us the raspberry every time we err.

  • There undoubtedly are many that would choose to become a dog, if they could be fed anytime by only ringing a bell as did Pavlov’s dogs.

  • Today, many act as though they can acquire the attributes of a good reputation like going through a cafeteria line and just picking out whatever they want.

  • Homophobes have never explained why any semi-rational person would ever choose to be a homosexual with all of the attendant problems that this choice brings. If not the product of choice, then what caused if not genetic? Homophobes like to skirt this question because it brings forth the logical conclusion that perhaps God may have a reason for their being, that we, with our extremely limited understandings of His Purposes, could never understand.

  • There are those, that so cling to their hatreds, that one might wonder that if their hatreds should vanish, whether there would be any person left.

  • “Art” is whatever a group of art authorities claim it to be. Do you then suppose that an elephant is only what a group of zoologists claim it to be?


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