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  • The "Straight and Narrow" isnít lined with barbed wire.

  • One essential step, in becoming free, is the willing abandonment of all beliefs that conflict with oneís common sense and with oneís reasoning.

  • Try to be like the moon which is brightest each month when it is the furthest from the sun that illuminates it.

  • Live your life like growing a garden, a garden that could be cacti or orchids, depending upon what is inside of you, not what is inside of otherís expectations of you.

  • Oneís feelings of love go into their own secret grave when another dies without ever knowing of those feelings.

  • Though the world is filled with injustices, indignation just saps us of the time and energy in correcting such injustices. If we fail to seek remedy, then we become a part of the continuing injustices for which we were indignant.

  • If one doesnít place the welcome mat out for opportunity, it probably wonít knock.

  • If youíre going to toot your own horn, itís best if it isnít a solo performance.

  • We are often told that "We shouldnít put all of our eggs in one basket."; when we should have been told to keep our eyes on our eggs whether theyíre in one basket or ten.

  • When we find time on our hands, we might think about lending it to another.

  • Lincoln said: "A house divided against itself can not stand". The same is true regarding ones integrity and peace of mind when we profess one set of beliefs but act in ways that are contradictory.

  • Perseverance tends the cemetery where impossibilities are buried.

  • Inaction tends to be inversely proportional to the amount of talk about anything. This helps explain why so little is forthcoming once a committee is formed. This also helps explain why dictatorships are so effective in getting things done including their own speedy corruption.

  • The most certain way to improve the world is to start with oneself and then keep doing it.

  • Inertia exists in other than the physical world. A mind at rest tends to remain at rest, and a mind in motion tends to remain in motion.

  • Equality is a concept that excites mankindís imaginings but realities pay it no heed.

  • The only humans that approach absolute consistency are infants.

  • In real life, there is good news and there is bad news, but no one to ask us which we want first.

  • If we want to live happily ever after, we first need to find out ďafter what?Ē

  • No matter how many gigabytes can be stored on a hard drive, a computer will never be considered wise.

  • As an oasis will attract those that thirst, so does the potential for corruption, that is found within power, also attracts the corruptible.

  • No matter how hard we may try, we can never be entirely normal because normal changes by the second.

  • Life should be more than just long; life should also be wide and deep.

  • A president once said that repetition will not transform a lie into a truth; this is true, however repetition will cause most to believe that a lie is a truth.

  • It is incorrect to say that history repeats itself; what is true is that we repeat history and that we have the means of choosing whether to repeat it or not. History doesnít happen to us; we happen to history.

  • When a culture is constantly kept in a state of deprivation, those within that culture will seek to satisfy only their own needs; it is easy therefore to understand why some cultures have contributed so little to the rest of us. Our contributions may have more to do with our abundance than with our nature.

  • Few things evoke as much ire as those that express thoughts that strongly conflict with established beliefs.The reason for this is that those beliefs are sensed by their owners as being put in jeopardy by otherís conflicting thoughts. If confidence in those beliefs were absolute, conflicting thoughts would only evoke curiosity and not ire.

  • Each day delivers to our door, a fresh assortment of opportunities. Sometimes these opportunities are wrapped with coverings that hide their true worth to us; but if we leave them unopened, they often expire, never be heard of again.

  • There are many that seem to believe that a truth is somehow proportional to the number of words used in describing that truth; when generally it is just the opposite.

  • Since the will never be a final answer to the great questions of life, any conclusion that we reach should be looked at as just a resting place for now and a starting place for tomorrow.

  • A mother can be looked at as our crutch during childhood that becomes our foundation to stand on once grown.


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