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  • It is part of mankindís arrogant self-centeredness to assume that the Earth was created for us to plunder as quickly as possible so that we could get in line for seconds.

  • We should all wish that we never get so old as to remember that hope is an infinitely renewable resource.

  • One of the best things about kissing is that itís impossible to simultaneously babble.

  • No one ever heard someone on their deathbed say that they were glad that their life was devoted to gaining otherís good opinions.

  • We need to remember that the "land of is" is much smaller than the "land of was".

  • Two things that we have in overabundance are thoughts not followed by actions and actions not preceded by thoughts.

  • In strip mining, the layer above the sought-after mineral must first be removed before any product is mined. The top layer is called the overburden. In much the same way, oneís overburden, consisting of what others have taught us that we are, what others have taught us that we should be, and what others have taught us that we should become, must first be removed. After the overburden is removed, we get to what we really are; which generally is no more like what we thought we were than is the overburden that conceals a valuable mineral.

  • There are those whose greatest pleasures are derived from denying themselves of the pleasures that others crave.

  • Anyone can become a philosopher if one develops the ability to understand popular delusions.

  • Adulthood is the time when we replace the brainless acts of youth with the more mature mindless acts that the law then permits.

  • When one attains intellectual independence, it is near certain that one will be regarded as weird and perhaps even borderline insane.

  • Isnít it strange how we can express best wishes to others in general but resent their success in the specific?

  • Throughout the plant kingdom: throughout the animal kingdom: and throughout time, those that took what was offered thrived; and those that didnít, got taken.

  • In a sense we all experience life after death, as the infant dies and the child is born; as the child dies and the adolescent is born; as the adolescent dies and the adult is born, as the adult dies and the mature individual is born, and finally as the mature individual dies and the aged one is born. All of these were as separate lives linked only by the memory that we once lived in that earlier life and do so no more.

  • We identify madness as being in those whose madness differs greatly from the prevailing madness of their culture.

  • There is no more certain way to create problems in the future, then to tolerate them in the present.

  • Changing is a part of our nature; even those that resist change will find themselves changing back to what they really are.

  • Our greatest dangers donít crowd around us but hide safely within each of us within those beliefs that conflict with the known and unknown truths of our world.

  • The majority, when they spy others traveling on a different road, will always claim that road to be the wrong road.

  • If each of us would only be honest about what we are and what we were, we would find few instances of what others do, and for which we judge, that we also didnít do at some time in our lives either in thought or deed.

  • Few woes are as predictable as those discovered in the gifts offered by strangers.

  • Some live their lives as though they were part-time jobs that theyíll use only until something better comes along.

  • When personal interests are involved on any matter, objectivity becomes an orphan.

  • Rising to great challenges doesnít create character, but the challenges do uncover its size.

  • Curiosity is to progress as yeast is to bread.

  • Almost everyone wants to have truth behind them, but few bother to look behind to see if itís still following.

  • Most Americans would rather have the appearance of wealth and be without it, then have the appearance of no wealth but have much of it.

  • Trying to quell an idea whose time has come is like a firing squad trying to quell the fog.

  • If it is true that we will all rise to our own levels of incompetence, then it easy to see why most of us are parents.

  • Those that dress and preen like the peacock should notice its tiny head.

  • Humility is unlikely to catch on as a cultural movement because by its very nature it tends to remain hidden from the media.

  • If you only stand with others, perhaps itís because you arenít able to stand alone without crutches.


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