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  • Politicians take our money and then buy our votes with the promise of its partial return.

  • Patriotism is taught to us while young in order to spare us the trouble of thinking later. Whenever mankind sets about to compensate for anything, it invariably results in overcompensation.

  • It is strange that some states will outlaw gambling but will still permit farming.

  • The freedom of nation is not measured by its citizens doing anything that they want; that is chaos. The freedom of a nation is not measured by its citizens being free from worry; that is dependency. The freedom of a nation is not measured by its citizens having their dreams fulfilled by government; that is the responsibility of the individual. The freedom of a nation however, is measured by the absence of restraints placed upon its citizens by government other than those restraints that prevent its citizens from interfering with the freedoms of others.

  • In any society that holds justice up as an ideal, there will be great injustices laid in its wake.

  • It is unlikely that any nation can long survive when the general perception of its citizens is that its laws are intended to be applied against them and for those that are most influential.

  • The ultimate liberty is to be economically independent, where the government doesn’t fear its citizens, and where those that would be free don’t fear the opinions of others.

  • In America, we live as locusts devouring the stores of the ants, making sure that those of the future will have nothing but what they can produce on their own.

  • Those that would enslave, by one means or another, usually do so by offering security in exchange.

  • Often leaders are only following what they believe to be the will of the followers.

  • Any nation, that would be free, mist allow their citizens to succeed and to fail; those nations that would prevent the consequences of failure will end up taking from those succeeding and give to the failing, thus removing one incentive to succeed.

  • Many love their country like new-born piglets love their mother’s teats.

  • Those that make the rules are those that best understand how to avoid them.

  • The difference between a right and a privilege is like the difference between weather and the weather.

  • Much of what Congress does when it is in session, should rightly be branded conspiracies.

  • Nationalism functions like a hallucinogen that binds a people to a cause that is destructive to all in its pursuit.

  • Every politician failed to become what their mothers wanted them to become at the time of their birth.

  • When a freedom dies, its obituary reads: “Died of neglect”.

  • It is the nature, in a free country, that whatever is proposed, there will sprout those that oppose.

  • The most obvious difference between a politician and a conman is the spelling.

  • The numbers of those, imprisoned by any country, is a testament to the failure of that country.

  • It is popular to condemn property rights as being equal to the rights of people; but, property is owned by the people, and every society that has deprived its people of property rights has eventually ended up denying its people their other rights as well.


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