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  • Perhaps God rested on the seventh day in preparation for improving on His new creations, an improvement that we now call evolution.

  • It seems that many that believe in God mistake dogma for God. Is it just a coincidence that dogma spelled backward could be shown as: “Am God”? Perhaps those that don’t distinguish dogma from God are only looking at “dogma” in a mirror.

  • One antidote for fear is faith, a remedy that is used by many religions to allay the dread of death.

  • Perhaps God doesn’t move in mysterious ways as many believe, but perhaps our minds are just incapable of understanding the complexities of life. If a child could examine a mechanical watch in operation, the workings might seem mysterious to the child but quite logical and simple to the watchmaker.

  • Any belief in God or any disbelief in God will always be based on assumptions that can never be objectively demonstrated. Either position is equally illogical.

  • The theory that one can live the most despicable life, and then repent at the last moment of life, and then enter Heaven, is the loophole in theology that many scoundrels rely upon in committing their horrors.

  • Apparently those that fret about saving the souls of others believe that they have their own salvation all sewed-up.

  • It is easy to see why so many gods have been created by mankind, because in the manufacture it is easy to mold gods to ones own likings; those that only discover God will find that it is we that are in need of being molded to His liking.

  • Many religious zealots quarrel like children that feel that perhaps a parent might actually prefer another sibling.

  • The tyrant that rules our days and nights isn’t another, but the beliefs that we hold that oppose our nature, and the nature that we have that goes begging because someone decided that our nature is of evil even though our nature was assumed to be of God’s creation.

  • Individuals never cling so tightly to anything as when they feel in peril of falling.

  • Except for Commandments three and four of “The Ten Commandments”, a rock would have had no trouble in complying. Apart from keeping the Sabbath Holy and honoring one’s father and mother, little more was apparently expected of mankind than would have been expected from something that was lifeless. Surely God wanted more from man than this, and it is easy to see why something more positive was needed in the world.

  • It was very human for the church to believe that the Sun went around the Earth, and therefore to have believed that Galileo was incorrect; to wait centuries to admit to error, one would have thought that the church should have admitted to error instead of merely forgiving Galileo for asserting the truth. Apparently truth has a lower value than the appearance of infallibility.


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Page 42 of  67

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