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  • Achieving happiness is a very serious business that shouldn’t be interrupted by the laughter of others.

  • Times of chaos should be looked at as being like when cards are shuffled in order to find out who the next winner will be.

  • If society really wanted to stop young people from smoking, they’d layoff on the health threats, and ladle on the gross effects of stink, ugly, filth, low-class, and unsophistication. Danger, to the young, is an attraction, not a repellant; so health risks may attract more than repel.

  • If corruption can be regarded as anything that tends to move us away from that which is true, can any one believe that Christmas in our country hasn’t been corrupted?

  • In criminology, it is believed that the perpetrator always leaves something at the scene of the crime and carries some part of that scene away. But, isn’t the same principle operative in all that we do, not only physically but emotionally as well?

  • Being a loner has gotten a bad reputation because the only ones you ever hear about are the screw-ups. Did you ever hear a newscaster say, or read in a newspaper, that the other screw-ups were non-loners?

  • There are those acquaintances that steal from us, not material things but our time: that instead of using a gun uses the torture of endless gab: and instead of stealing away unnoticed, demands our continued participation in the crime.

  • Knowledge is like a chicken egg in that both require care and time before they hatch into something that can be used optimally.

  • If McDonalds should switch to French cuisine and their sales fell off, few would fail to understand why they switched back. However, many criticize television because of its content, as though the networks were creating tastes instead of merely responding to already existing tastes.

  • Were we unneeded now and had no recollections of times when we were needed, our lives would pass through our times like frosted breath on a cold morning.

  • If caviar had no snob appeal, many gourmets couldn’t be paid enough to eat it.

  • There are many things that we would like to do if only someone hadn’t named them work.


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Page 42 of  101

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