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  • Courtesy ends when someone yells "Fire!"

  • Oneís footprints will always seem out of place on anotherís pathway.

  • Two things that many do that thwarts their success, is trying to do everything themselves and taking credit for everything that was done successfully when assisted by others.

  • If someone gives you something and then you do something for them because of this; you have converted a gift into a barter.

  • We should most concern ourselves with those that agree with us, not with those that will dispute with us; for the latter are amenable to reason, but the former are probably immune to reason, especially when they secretly disagree.

  • Trying to get the best of an argument is like volunteering to be in a mud fight.

  • When you encounter a barrier on the road to success, start climbing.

  • One of the best reasons that we should be careful of our words is that that someday we may be forced to eat them.

  • Oneís words echo longest when they are sincere compliments made to another.

  • We should hope that a time will come when all national anthems are without words.

  • The angels should sing whenever someone refuses to do that which is believed to be wrong and when the consequences of refusal seem dire. These are some of the heroes of which we will never know.

  • There are no spectators in the stands in the competition between the team of Enlightenment and the team of Darkness; all are on the field and must remain there till the game is over.

  • One never runs out of self when giving oneself to others.

  • We should often reflect, when we are with those that we love, as to how precious each day is when shared, and how empty that day will be when it can no longer be shared.

  • We are seldom more likely to fail in gaining approval as when it becomes obvious that we seek it in all that we do.

  • The sound barrier that many find unable to break is the sound of their saying "I was wrong".

  • That "Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage", helps explain why we see so few horses today.

  • When one gets past age sixty, life seems to sit more and more heavily on the "fast forward button".

  • Much of our social relationships are like a trip down a movie set of a town made only of facades.

  • Like a giant meat grinder, today spews out the tomorrows as unrecognizable yesterdays.

  • In self-discovery, whether we believe so or not, we always grope in darkness, gathering bits of ourselves but never enough to become completely whole.

  • If each of us marched to our own drumbeat, we wouldnít look like a parade but like downtown Manhattan at lunchtime.

  • It is well that we arenít aware of how many critical variables lie before us that we not only canít control, but we canít influence either, else few would strive and attain their goals.

  • In life, we are never truly lost unless we can no longer find ourselves.

  • Every generation seems to resent cleaning up the preceding generationís messes, yet they will not fail to leave the next generation messes of a new sort.

  • It isnít that doubts and fears are in themselves harmful, what is harmful is when they stop us from going forward in their presence.

  • Those that look to wealth to provide happiness will be disappointed; all wealth can do is provide freedom; all freedom can do is provide either the opportunity to find happiness, or the opportunity to find newer miseries.


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