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  • There are those that believe that we should willingly accept suffering in order for us to somehow be cleansed and purified. Not to worry, suffering will come sufficiently without its being sought, and in quantities enough to satisfy all but the masochistic.

  • Girls need to be reared so that they don’t believe the greatest reward that they can gain in life is a husband.

  • The reason that we don’t call beliefs by the name “fact” is clear evidence that we suspect that they are not the same.

  • We should pray to be spared the effects of misguided goodness, for evil often exists within. We would more benefit from misguided evil, for no other reason than that we will be alerted to the evil intent and be wise enough to extract only that which benefits.

  • There are some that believe that using big words indicates big thoughts.

  • Any evil thought should be considered desirable if it serves as an alternative to an act.

  • A myth is an old belief now tarnished by skepticism.

  • Egoism can be regarded as either virtue or vice, depending on its breadth or narrowness.

  • I believe in my imagination, but I’m not always sure that it believes in me.

  • Dogma erects an invisible cage around us, limiting where we can go and dictating what we must do within that cage.

  • Another can’t be regarded as a true friend unless believed that you could relate the very worst about you and expect the other to say: “So what?”

  • Mere possession of deep convictions is not evidence of anything more than just that.

  • Usually when we do something that we believe is wrong, it is because of another belief that commands more strongly.

  • To prosper in any culture, the culture requires that you act as though you believe that which you know to be false.

  • Reality is not made up of beliefs any more than time is made up of the tick-tocks of a clock. In fact if all of humanity believed in its opposite, and always did so, reality would be totally unpersuaded to change.

  • We deceive ourselves when we believe that we understand anything merely because we fail to ask one more “Why?*

  • Faith is only having beliefs that can neither be verified as true nor false. Faith describes something that is within the faithful and nothing that is without.

  • We should have cause to worry about ourselves if our opinions a year from now are the same as todays.

  • A true gift doesn’t come wrapped in obligation.

  • The most important bridge for us to build is the one that allows us to recross the dark abyss between what we believe ourselves to be and what we really are.

  • There are those that seem to have their greatest pride about those beliefs that most contradict reason and show the most evidence to the contrary.

  • One should look at a failure as an unintended success whose value is undiscovered.

  • Wouldn’t we first have to have a perfect understanding as to the nature of perfection before we could recognize it if it ever appeared?

  • It is easier for most to accept that which is false if they discovered it, than that which is generally believed to be true but discovered by others.

  • We should be thankful for the diversity of beliefs, even those that oppose our own, for without this diversity; our descendents would be doomed to live no better than we do today.


Comments - Our Non-Religious Beliefs
Page 43 of  131

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