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  • Freedom is a wonderful thing to have guaranteed in our laws; however, many freedoms are meaningless unless one has first acquired the economic means to exercise them.

  • The most generous people on Earth are those that show boundless generosity with the wealth of others.

  • To take what was never earned, and to do that by stealth is thievery.

  • To take what was never earned, and to do so publicly, is a government’s policy.

  • In politics, principles are mere ballast to be discarded in order to rise.

  • There are no victors in war, just some nations that loose less.

  • The loopholes for many laws were sewn in before the laws were made.

  • Freedom is a poor loser; if it doesn’t come in first in our priorities, it tends to not come in at all.

  • If war were a cure for anything, the treatment wouldn’t have to be administered a second time.

  • The greatest threat to the survival of any nation comes when that nation has no obvious threats from without.

  • We tend to value slightly those things that come to us easily, and that probably explains why Americans tend to value their freedoms, given to them at birth, so lightly.

  • Our effort to explore the Universe is a curious matter since we are so far from exploring the universe within our minds that is immediately before us, and which if understood, would provide enrichment to all.

  • The ballots that we keep in our heads are like the apples that we leave on the tree.

  • If there really is a battle between good and evil, then each of us should be the referee, and not the politicians or theologians.

  • Much of what Congress does when it is in operation, could rightly be branded a conspiracy

  • The fact that one party can find any number of reasons to indicate that the other political party is incompetent to lead, in no way proves that the accusing party is any more competent.

  • A conservative is one that fears that things will change; a liberal is one that fears that they won’t.

  • Americans should always keep in mind the virtue of not wasting their money; that is because the government wants to do that for them because of their well known efficiency and expertise.


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