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  • Those that accept the Words of Jesus because of the many miracles claimed in the Bible, have clearly not grasped the significance of His words. Without any miracles, the mere fact that He said these words should be miracle enough.

  • One of our greatest blessings is to be thankful for being aware of all that we have to be thankful for.

  • If one canít find a religion that seems to fit oneís needs, all one has to do is think of a new set of specifications for the god that is needed, and then start professing a belief in that creator. This isnít anything new; it has been going for as long as mankind started believing in god, and will probably continue as long as mankind exists.

  • Everyoneís opinions about the conditions in Heaven and in Hell are as soundly based as anyone elseís since there is zero verifiable evidence about either.

  • Perhaps the maladies of aging are Godís merciful way of getting us to welcome death as though it were preferable to life.

  • Even though theologies of all sorts are full of holes, they like fishnets, are able to snare the fish that suit their needs.

  • Perhaps, just perhaps the only purposes to be found in life are the ones that we place there.

  • We prefer to believe that we are too important to be wasted by ceasing to exist at death, and so there must be life after death, yet if we would just observe, everything else observable in the Universe is temporal and also doomed to what we judge today to be waste.

  • Some lead their religious lives as though God were going to negotiate with them.

  • There are many that believe in life after death and many that donít believe in life before death; for the latter, whether there is or isnít life after death would seem to be matter little.

  • Instead of just accepting the word ďeternityĒ, just stop and try to comprehend what an actual eternity would be like. It is impossible to believe that an eternity spent in any place, real or imaginary, wouldnít be closer to a Hell than a Heaven.

  • Theologies are prone to believe that God must exist because everything had to come from somewhere; they then ignore the obvious conclusion that there must be some higher power than God because God had to come from somewhere.

  • If a corporation sold us something that would perhaps be delivered at some ill-defined point in the future, they would eventually find themselves in court defending themselves against fraud; none-the-less theologies get by with this and their customers pay with their cash and their lives willingly.

  • What manner of religious zealot can believe that it is wrong to kill others that profess the same religious beliefs but it is virtuous to kill the those donít profess the same beliefs because they are infidels?

  • Why is it that when someone tells us that we can trust them that we become suspicious, while when a sacred text says the same thing, that we become complacent?

  • Religion isnít like a vehicle that one chooses to get onto and eventually arrive in heaven; religion is something that is grasped and clung to so tightly that it eventually becomes a part of that person.

  • Theologies are so wonderfully ambiguous and obscure that they permit every inclination, no matter how perverse, to fit comfortably within.


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