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  • Truth occupies a very narrow sector of all possibilities regarding anything; and to deviate from that very narrow sector in any way, yields endless possibilities, very much like when a train deviates from its track.

  • If we would only go on binge thinking instead of binge eating and drinking, our heads would work better, and so would the rest of us.

  • We are often told that we should believe in ourselves; but there is never any indication of what we should believe. What we believe should be far more important than merely the act of believing.

  • We are installing more and more security systems in our homes to protect against the theft of property; yet, like a burglar we allow jealousy, vanity, pride, and hate to steal what is even more precious than property, -our potential for happiness.

  • If catastrophe happens, and you must go through Hell, look for the nearest fire escape.

  • One should never knowingly make an enemy or make the assumption that there are none.

  • When one wins an argument and is wrong, two loose.When one loses an argument and was wrong, two win.

  • If we purchased an item that was labeled to contain one kilogram and it contained only a half of a kilogram, we would suspect some kind of fraud. Yet when a worker performs for his employer and produces only half an effort for full pay, that also is fraud that many today think is smart.

  • No one ever traveled far on the seat of their pants.

  • One should never marry another that would not otherwise be called friend.

  • Those that brag are almost always guaranteeing that others will become disappointed in them.

  • We often regret hasty words but never hasty silence.

  • There are times when the differences between selfishness, foolishness, and heroism, are only academic.

  • Were it not for habits, most of our lives would be consumed figuring out what to do next.

  • Though we may never be pardoned for things that we've done, we might still hope for an early parole.

  • Because it is our nature to tend to notice things and not the absence of things, we tend to notice clusters of incidents and ignore the equal number of voids. Probability alone requires both. For instance when we see clusters of leukemia, we look for a cause even though there may be an equal number of voids of leukemia in essentially the same environmental conditions. This proves a fertile ground for lawyers to exploit the ignorance of juries.

  • When we were children, the world seemed to revolve around us. Then when we grew up, we seemed to revolve around everything else.

  • There is a vast difference between the ambition to rise above others, and the ambition to rise above ignorance. The first tends to destroy while the last tends to enrich even while it harmlessly accomplishes the first.

  • True love grows while mere attraction withers.

  • When young, the world was his to save. Once old, he looked to the world to save him.

  • It is our nature to become attracted to anything after the label "prohibited" is attached.


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