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  • It is true that many donít even scratch the surface of what theyíre capable of becoming. In fact, some not only donít scratch the surface, they donít even get within calling distance.

  • Fame is but a seductive shadow that always follows us when in the brightness of a spotlight, but is never to be found once the spotlight is replaced by the dulling shade of ordinariness.

  • Panic is often the culprit that conquers us when reason abandons.

  • Mystery is not in the mysterious but in the limitations of our minds for understanding.

  • Every rational fear gives birth to at least a hundred irrational fears.

  • If you bore others, that is their concern. If you bore yourself, that is a tragedy.

  • Life often causes us to go forward three steps and back two; but often we encounter episodes of two steps forwards and three back. The trick to gaining, is persistence, regardless of which characterizes life at any particular time.

  • The most corruptible among us are attracted to power in order to perfect their corruption.

  • Once we die, we leave no trace of what we could have been.

  • Our eyes can blind us to reason as thoroughly as to illumination.

  • There lies within each of us, powers for goodness that only our angels know of. There lies within each of us, powers to do harm that only our demons can dream of.

  • Why do we tend to breathe a sigh of relief when we discover that some personal fault of ours was also shared by a parent or grandparent?

  • There is speculation about what one should do when reaching a fork in the road. We neednít worry about this future possibility because every conscious minute of life we are already there.

  • The smaller the mind is, the greater the tendency to take offence from small things.

  • When life becomes so depleted of the joy of living, it doesnít take much of a cause to come along for one to be willing to give up their life for it.

  • The blind need no eyes to distinguish meanness from kindness, and like everyone else, they have no need to distinguish because of skin-color even though many that are sighted do so anyway with blindness within the mind.

  • Being mentally unbalanced is something negative because being mentally balanced is supposed to be positive; but, anything in balance is unchanging; therefore all human progress is the result of some degree of being mentally unbalanced.

  • In general, it is better to not let most others know of your long-term goals, as it is the tendency of many, that are frustrated in their own seeking, to place barriers in the way of others when they can.

  • One of the reasons that there are no meaningful answers to so many of our questions is because meaningless questions have no meaningful answers.

  • On many subjects our minds are so much in conflict that it is like a river running in two directions at the same time.

  • Though we may enter life through different doors, we will all use the same exit.

  • It seems that there are some that have discovered that since two wrongs donít make a right that they need to keep on adding more wrongs hoping to find out how many do.

  • It seems as though when we have no major problems, we do as newscasters do; we take small problems and make them large.

  • Some times itís being in a crowd that makes it so obvious how alone we are.

  • It isnít courage when one merely acts in such a way that danger is overlooked because something is more important than the danger incurred. Were this not true, weíd regard another as courageous merely for driving a car as the danger is less important than the errand. What we call courageous is when one acts in the presence of great danger when we perceive that there is little personal importance in oneís doing so. As we are not privy to the workings of anotherís mind, it is more rational to assume that there is an importance to that individualís act that is greater than the perceived danger incurred. Courage, as such may not have the high esteem that we prefer, even though this is likely to be more objectively accurate.

  • Romantic love is friendship running on hormones.

  • Be wary of those that laugh at others but are unwilling to find the humor in themselves.

  • Choosing is an inescapable part of conscious living; even when choosing to not choose something, a choice has already been made; when choosing to abide by the choices of another, a choice has already been made. Even within ourselves, we make the choices that our thoughts will follow.

  • Most people make sure that the burial site is nearby when they bury the hatchet, and seldom do they ever forget its exact location.

  • Those with no power become as corrupt as those with great power; the difference is that the corruption of the powerless lacks the power to cause great harm except to themselves.


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Page 44 of  161

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