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  • Our oppressors will come to us in the guise of our protectors.

  • When a generality, called a law, is applied to the specific, it is obviously legal but often wrong.

  • The challenge before us is to cause following generations to develop in a state of security that is based on knowledge and not fear; if insecurity is what is developed, then a rush to power and dominance is guaranteed.

  • The greatest monetary theft in America’s history is when our government increases its massive debt that must in some way, be repaid by those currently ineligible to vote.

  • Individuals, cultures, and nations, are all in a relay race where we take the baton,+ of those that went before, and carry it forward. Those that receive the baton, as if it were a prize, and then refuse to proceed with it, must surely lose the race. 5**

  • As long as America has a democracy, we should have little fear that radical views will persist for long; as it is almost certain that the radicals that achieve power, will abuse that power and evoke an opposite reaction in the electorate; that will in turn lead to abuse of power in the opposite direction; thus completing the cycle which will start all over.

  • The aspirations of a nation should be the congealed hopes of its citizens; the more they represent the congealed hopes of its leaders, to that extent the leaders have failed in their offices.

  • The greatest debt, that we have that can never be repaid, is what we owe to the prior generations for what they provided for us; but instead of trying to repay them, we steal from those of the future by incurring mountains of Federal debt that can never be repaid except by severely debasing our currency.

  • The freedom of any people is seldom eliminated permanently by cataclysm, but by the slow process of erosion of rights.

  • In Washington, secrets are those things that get the widest and quickest distribution.

  • Governments and theologies are like two bookends designed to keep us where they want us to be.

  • Politics is supposed to make strange bedfellows; but actually what is strange is the foreplay.

  • Were it not for the fear that women might actually be superior to men, men who had the power to suppress, would not have opposed a world where women could compete with men on an equal basis.


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