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  • In many ways our beliefs in God are like our beliefs in gravity, in that although we can never see gravity, we have no difficulty in seeing its effects. Although God is not quantifiable as is gravity, we should remember that at one time neither was gravity.

  • Many that claim faith claim that they are without doubt, but faith always means being aware of the possibility of an opposing view but a commitment to its opposite. Faith without doubt would be like conceiving a child while believing in the certainty of its gender.

  • It is said that man was created in the image of God, but doesn’t specify what the man looked like. Was Adam like Mr. America or Mr. Geek?

  • Perhaps governments will eventually require a license for those that want to think for themselves.

  • Those that favor censorship show that they don’t trust others as much as they trust their own judgment about others.

  • Where else but in religion does reality wait for its stamp of approval?

  • Those that claim that evil has an actual existence point to acts they call evil as evidence; this is like saying that “luck” exists because they can point to fortuitous outcomes.

  • Those that abstain from acts only because the word “sin” is attached to them may be free of sin but not free of fear and ignorance.

  • It requires no sense of talking to God to recite a dogmatic set of words, for even a parrot might be taught to do the same if short enough.

  • If entrance into Heaven were based entirely on how a life is lived, most of our dogs would be waiting for us there, assuming that we qualify for the journey too.

  • Theology represents the perfect occupation for misfits of all descriptions since anything conceivable can be asserted with absolute certainty that it can never be proven false.

  • The strongest faith is that which survives after being confronted with overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Is this virtue or insanity?


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Page 44 of  67

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