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  • We do our youth a great disservice by encouraging them in a pursuit for which they are obviously unsuited. This is like digging a mine into a glacier. It is one of life’s tragedies to see someone, that has prepared all their life, for that which they have neither talent nor joy in doing.

  • Each of us should develop a sense of intolerance towards any of our attitudes that tend to cause us to believe that we are above others.

  • If one is accustomed to bluffing, one shouldn’t be surprised if someday, that one falls off of the bluff.

  • The health of most Americans would greatly improve if they spent as much effort taking care of their insides as they do in taking care of their outsides.

  • One’s word is like an egg. If you break it, you shouldn’t try to put it back together again; rather one should make up for the breakage by providing many more unbroken eggs.

  • As soon as we cast blame, we cast thought away. As soon as we think, we start to cast blame away.

  • Patience in one’s pursuits will often create strong-wills out of “strong-won’ts”.

  • You’ll never be required to defend a position that you never took.

  • One thing that is most easily found when one looks for it, is trouble.

  • There are occasions when it is better to think with your feet than with your brain.

  • Those that have gotten to the top of the ladder should not pull it up after them.

  • It’s a shame that so many of life’s pleasures have been spoiled by giving them the name “Work”.

  • A braggart is someone that should be thought of as having a disease of the mouth that medicine can’t cure.

  • Leaders need to have four eyes, two focused on the horizon, and two focused to the rear to be sure that the others are following.

  • Many indicate that they are trying to find the meaning in “so and so”. Meanings are only words, and do not express accurately the deep feelings that we have. What is being sought is the emotional attachment to that which is sensed, but is yet undiscovered. For instance, the word “love” can never describe the emotion that uses that name.

  • In parenting, if we had a fifty-fifty chance of being correct on any matter; that would be a great improvement.

  • Obstacles are what we encounter when pursuing any worthwhile goal. The secret to success is to persist past the obstacles that turned back everyone else.

  • It is often said that someone is getting ahead of himself. That sound like progress to me.

  • Participating in sports teaches us that defeat was only for that day; and that by improving, victory come yet another day.

  • One will never get anywhere by trying to take both forks in a road at the same time.

  • We are often closer to the truth by remembering what we hear in conversations in the same way that we remember the messages carried in the wind.

  • There are those that want their names to be immortalized, and some may succeed. But, names are only dead ink on paper; while immortality, to the extent that humans can acquire it, will live on only in the changed lives of those that will follow.

  • Only desperate people would go to a casino and risk all of their wealth on one bet; but individuals do something even more unwise when they engage in risky practices that puts their entire existence at risk while the odds of winning are unknown and the potential payoff miniscule.

  • If many of our citizens had their way, our country, as we know it, would be disassembled and reassembled according to their ideals. We always need be vigilant towards those individuals, having this inclination, when seeking power whether in government or elsewhere.


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