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  • Few of us will ever need to be led into temptation once we have developed the talent for finding in on our own.

  • Many seem to think of their life, like a book that they want to display in their home, in caring more about its cover than its contents.

  • We are never given a road-map for our lives; but we are provided with a multitude of directions, many of them conflicting. As for the road-map, we are forced to draw it daily as we live.

  • There is no bravery in the one who acts without fear in the face of eminent danger. To be completely fearless is to be either mad or suicidal. How is it possible for bravery to exist unless one fears the consequences of an act, and then acts in spite of those fears?

  • Each generation spurns few things as predictably as they do the gifts of the earlier generations.

  • Some are so negative that even in total darkness they cast shadows.

  • Persistent dissatisfaction is like a parasite that eats into the soul of so many: a parasite that never yields a moment of true satisfaction; and still the victim is totally unable to describe the conditions that must be met for a cure to occur.

  • Hatred doesnít die even with the death of the hated; as the hater will continue to hate until his own death. Hatred can thus be regarded as a terminal disease that is wisely avoided.

  • We are truly blind if we cannot see ourselves in all others.

  • We travel on the flotsam of time as if the Universe were created for our purposes. Maybe we have that backwards.

  • Even though we may not deny another the right to speak, the speaker canít deny us the right to not listen.

  • It is said that addiction from heroin can occur from one use. Something else that can be as addicting is having great power, as a small amount generally leads to wanting more and more until the amount of power ultimately proves self-destructive.

  • When I was little, my grandmother taught me to grow Lilies of the Valley on the north side of her home that got little light, and where few other things would grow. I was amazed how those little white bell shaped flowers, that were hidden under leaves, were so beautiful and beautifully fragrant. The same is also true of those individuals that live in the shade with their beauty hidden below their leaves, just waiting for us to stoop and discover.

  • Many find aging to be like a rose on a very long stem; after the petals drop, the thorns remain.

  • Our unrealistic expectations of others is the main reason that we become so upset when we find that someone has lied to us.

  • The death of every person creates a hole in mankindís being, but no matter how important that person is, the hole is just like a hole that we make in water when something is taken from it.

  • Much violence occurs when people are denied a platform to air their grievances and also when some find themselves unable to express their grievances when they are given that platform.

  • A completely open mind is subject to being contaminated by anything present; a critical mind isnít, and is opened only for that which is reasonable.

  • Our thoughts are like small chisels that slowly hew us into what we will become, and for this reason we should make sure that are thoughts are kept sharp and their directions well planned.

  • It is wise to be vigilant of those about us, but even wiser to be vigilant of those within us.

  • Nothing will turn the brain into mush quicker or more predictably than several opinions that one agrees with totally.


  • One should always be aware of what authorities indicate that you should do. Authorities are regarded as authorities because they are experts in the general cases that they understand, but they are not and never will be authorities in the specific cases that they encounter. Probably, we will find that we fall under the general cases most often, and if that seems correct to the individual, then the instructions provided by that authority can be helpful; one should always suspect those instructions that seem not to apply to the specific-- you. When this is true, most times it works more to oneís benefit to reject the authority and follow oneís own course.

  • Nowhere is this truer than when we get further away from science such as we do in religion and politics. Here, authorities are much more often incorrect, as there really are no authorities in the objective sense, but only authorities on their own opinions. Even when we deal in areas that have a verifiable existence, authorities are incorrect much more often than most suspect when they take the giant leap and apply the general to the specific.

  • The longer ago that we refer to an authority, the less likely that that authority is relevant to the individual of today, and even less likely to be relevant to the individual of the future, even when we are dealing with pure science. In areas where there are large disagreements between those that hold themselves up as authorities, the greater the likelihood that authorities are only authorities on their own opinions, such as mentioned earlier regarding religion and politics. Even within certain fields that seem objective or scientific, such as economics and psychology, the objectivity and science are so weak in regards to what is unknown and perhaps even unknowable, that oneís personal opinions may be more accurate than those in the fields that claim authority.

  • In general, authorities are often most suited for those that want a proxy for a parent than those that want to find their most optimal path through life.


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Page 45 of  161

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