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  • It is probable that life for mankind would be happier if we all embraced the ideal of reducing the misery of all living creatures, not just humans, to a minimum, but those that decry only the means of man’s killing of animals should remember that nature’s way of killing is most often far more brutal, most often far more prolonged, and most often far more tortured.

  • Our value lies more in what we bring forth in others, than what we bring forth unto ourselves.

  • Beliefs in one’s religion and political parties tend to be regarded as superior only because they are ours, in very much the same way that we believe in one’s own hometown sports teams.

  • Every assertion should be regarded as an assumption.

  • Misinformation is far more harmful than no information. Unfortunately the former often comes mislabeled as the latter.

  • It seems as if many couples marrying today regard the marriage vows as a series of trick questions to be figured out later-maybe.

  • It’s hard to draw a bead on the future when it keeps moving.

  • Those that believe that the age of miracles has long gone, need only look about to discover so many things that seem so improbable in their existence as to be, at least, approximations of miracles if not actual miracles in themselves.

  • Censorship is founded on a principle, held by most little minds, that the minds of most others are incapable of handling some matters as well as the censors can.

  • Nothing makes a belief as unassailable to reason as does the desire that it be so.

  • Opportunity most often comes to us labeled “a problem

  • Those that dismiss the beliefs of others only because they can’t be proven to exist have no trouble in acting as though they believe in tomorrow and plan for it.

  • Why is it that the female mind accepts the images of fashion models as being attractive when so few men do?

  • Before any minority can go through the doorway of progress, they first have to believe that the door is open and will remain that way.

  • The bitterest lies are those beliefs that dwell in the mind but are too bitter to utter even to one other person.

  • When we keep our own council rather than abiding by the beliefs of others, our minds can remain as free we claim them to be.

  • Truth doesn’t become truth by popular acclaim but by describing accurately that which is real. Anything else, claiming to be the truth, is an imposter just waiting to be exposed.

  • We should all hope that progress is measured by the accumulation of truths and the diminution of untruths. For this reason alone we should be glad for another’s having shown us the errors in our beliefs that we had just a few minutes ago.

  • Those that believe that they have become all that they could have become, have little understanding of what they could have become.

  • When we say that too much of something isn’t good for a person, we are explaining nothing, for the term “too much” embodies the harm that something can cause when in excess. This is only a case of words about words.

  • Some times it seems as if people just reject the truth because they tire of its monotony, but that is the way truths are. Would we regard anything as being true if it were one way one day, and something else another day?

  • Heresy is often the seed of tomorrow’s beliefs and next year’s wisdom.


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Page 45 of  131

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