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  • There will always be waste when we set up redistribution of wealth schemes where an individual receives 100% of the benefits, but only pays a miniscule amount or none of the cost.

  • Being born poor has one great advantage in that the path of incremental improvements is much longer than the path provided to those born of privilege.

  • Since slavery is long gone, we should assume that anyone that remains near us does so freely, whether we understand why or not.

  • Just because something doesn’t perform the way that was intended, doesn’t mean that it isn’t a breakthrough discovery for another problem.

  • Books are pipelines to the past that deliver the hidden reservoirs of mankind’s experiences from a world that we can never otherwise experience.

  • Most education tends to eradicate curiosity so that by the time that students become teenagers, they believe themselves all wise and knowledgeable.

  • If we were only able to know the ten most common unanswered questions that others wanted to know just before dying, we would discover the path that philosophy should tread.

  • Ideas are like seeds cast into the spring’s wind. Most will end in nothing; but others will sprout, take root, grow, and eventually cast their own seeds to the wind.

  • Might doesn’t make right, but it does make a good arguing point.

  • We probably like pets because the primordial understandings that we have are little different than theirs.

  • In the struggle to rise to the top, it is easy to ignore those that we tumble to the bottom.

  • Like blinders that are put on horses, culture has taught us to only look at those things that benefit culture.

  • Why do we call it “growing old” when little grows and most shrivels?

  • We often hear that: “Looks can be deceiving.” Though true, what is more often deceiving are the words that we hear. In the final analysis, anything can be deceiving, even the truth, depending how it is presented.

  • Every year presents at least one new can’t-fail-diet-plan that the public uses to lose weight, one wallet at a time.

  • The greatest opportunities are to be found where there is the greatest number of problems; because that is where you’ll find the fewest competitors.

  • If the moon were capable of praying, it should pray that man never returns.

  • The most abundant element in the Universe is hydrogen; yet few of us will ever encounter a single molecule of it.

  • Most family trees have grafts that will never be detected.

  • The truest of true friends would be two individuals (should such a pair ever exist) that could point out each others delusions and both gain in the process.

  • Perhaps if you build a better mousetrap, the world will beat a path to your door; and this may be an excellent reason to not tinker with mousetraps.

  • Every author of every book was at one time no more skilled than every reader of any book.

  • Very often, those that claim to want to save the world really want to save it for themselves.


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Page 45 of  101

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