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  • Anyone that makes pain for another is making something that the world already has in oversupply; thus its value is nothing. What is highly valued is that which is in short supply, such as is kindness and consideration.

  • If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you’d better keep your sleeve rolled up.

  • The lightest burdens that we will ever carry are those that we relieve from those that are overburdened.

  • We can always gain by dwelling on the blessings that we have instead of being pulled down into the darkness of regret.

  • When a man marries for beauty, he buys, with a part of his life, one of the most perishable of all highly valued commodities.

  • Perhaps a word to the wise is sufficient; but for the unwise volumes will still be inadequate.

  • We never change another; we can only change what they do, but do so with resentment.

  • In general we should not reveal negative things about ourselves to those that value us; for to do so only depreciates the value of that which they hold most dear.

  • We invite a tyrant to dinner when we leave the ringer of the telephone turned on.

  • Almost any thing can be made artificial, even ourselves when we imitate others.

  • It is a mystery why women want to become like men. Do they believe that the world is better off for the effects of testosterone? In the world that is rapidly developing, more testosterone will be like adding more heat to burnt toast.

  • When we spend our days, we need to be sure to get our money’s worth; as there is a “No refunds No exchange” policy in life.

  • Husbands that tell women that their wives don’t understand them; should be thankful that they don’t.

  • A blow delivered with patience is often worth more than ten delivered in haste.

  • If we would only focus on other’s “longcomings” instead of their shortcomings, our happiness wouldn’t be so long in coming.

  • It is a mistake to make a promise with no qualifications; because others might also make another mistake and take you seriously.

  • If we want to promote the afflictions of guilt and shame forever, we should find every opportunity to accuse and blame; and under no circumstances should we indicate more positive ways that things might have been done.

  • It is not difficult to determine what is trifling in life, and what isn’t. Just take a few minutes and pretend that you are going to die one month from today. If you would still want to do something, then that isn’t a trifle.

  • It would be strange to find a car manufacturer trying to produce cars but only ending up with toenail clippers at the end of a production line. This doesn’t happen, because the manufacturer has a plan to produces cars, and then executes that plan. However when it comes to producing futures for individuals, individuals overlook the fact that the only way to have a desired future is to plan for it, and then produce it.

  • Rearview mirrors are also very useful in detecting the curve that should have been taken.

  • We need to be very careful of the habits that we adopt; for eventually these adoptees will become what we will then call “We”.

  • Be distrustful of your memory; and if your memory is wise it will also distrust you.

  • Those that have no regrets of the past are unlikely to have regrets in the future also, so beware.

  • Life flows by like a rapidly flowing river; yet few do little more than dip their toe to detect its temperature.

  • You don’t have to fool all of the people all of the time; and you don’t have to fool some of the people all of the time; all you need do is fool some of the most influential people some of the time on important matters.

  • When you are working on something new and arrive at a point when progress seems impossible, you can be assured that others also have also reached this point and turned away. This is a marker for treasure that if just persisting, might be discovered.


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