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  • When we love another, it is as a gift and not as a loan to be repaid. When love is returned, it is another’s gift to us, and not just a refunding of that which was first given.

  • When others fail to live up to our expectations, it is most likely that it was our expectations that caused the failure.

  • Many seem to go through life as if looking for clear instructions on how to live.

  • The most convincing reason is never heard over the shrieking sound of panic.

  • At birth we are all equally ignorant but unaware of our ignorance. But, as we learn, our ignorance decreases while the awareness of our ignorance increases.

  • We are not what others believe us to be. We are not what we’d like others to believe that we are. We are not what we’d like to be. We are not what we like to believe that we are. We are more than all of the above. But, what we are remains undiscovered.

  • There are those, lacking of average intelligence and lacking of education, that display more commonsense than many that are both intelligent and educated.

  • Young men seem more willing to die than suffer a month of monotony; in fact many do just that.

  • It would take an enormous amount of self-control for any of us to become average.

  • Only when the mind is open can a ray of enlightenment enter.

  • We tend to go through life as tourists, only seeing what we came to see and ignoring everything else.

  • In a short contest, persistent ignorance usually wins against complacent intelligence.

  • To know oneself is like mining a mountain, that we know contains gold, with bare hands-slow, bloody, and unrewarding until finally reaching the rich vein of oneself.

  • Lincoln said: "A house divided against itself can not stand". The same is true regarding ones integrity and peace of mind when we profess one set of beliefs but act in ways that are contradictory.

  • The most valuable thing that each of us possesses is the undiscovered and undeveloped inner-self within us that will probably exit life largely undetected.

  • The strong are undisturbed by different opinions while the weak respond as if their very existence is threatened.

  • Yesterday is gone yet we still remember it; if one would dwell on yesterday instead of today, tomorrow would discover even more to regret about the day before; and so it is with regret, we should always remember that which we regret, and not dwell on it lest we create even more regrets for tomorrow.

  • Does a person ever really care if they are apathetic?

  • Anytime a person says that they did something because they had no choice, they are hoping that you have no brains. Every minute of every conscious hour, we have choices; they may not be the ones that we would most prefer, but we do have choices even if in a straightjacket in a locked padded cell.

  • The past is but memory; the present is perhaps knowable; the future is only hypothetical.

  • It is helpful, to think about anything in life that we wish were different, as falling into one of two categories, those things which we merely prefer to be different, and those things that we care enough about to try and change. Thus, when we encounter something that we don’t like, but are yet unwilling to try and change, it immediately falls into the category of: “I don’t care.” In this way it is easy to mentally put what are only preferences behind us and concentrate on the things that we care enough to give the very best of ourselves.

  • They say that love conquers all, but they never say all of what.

  • Self-made people are like self-made statues, possible in fantasy but not in real life.

  • Desperate people will engage in desperate acts, and the most desperate will engage in the most desperate acts; these are reasons why we all should be concerned about the human condition around the world, especially in those desperate groups that have the power to act against those that they blame for their condition.

  • Many will despair in realizing that all of the accomplishments of mankind, physical, emotional, and intellectual will dissolve into nothing at some unknowable point in the future, but this is not an argument against improving the plight of mankind for as long as we can and for as much as we can.

  • Perhaps people want respect from others only to fill the void that they have for themselves.

  • Life is loaded with things that can bring on emotional disruption, but it isn’t loaded with anything that can bring on the serenity of merely being; we should look at life as something that can bring on unhappiness, and the unfulfillable promise of happiness; the source of happiness is within each of us.

  • There are some that seem to have so thoroughly rundown the present that they already lament the future.

  • There was a time when men fought and killed for the purpose of reproduction; this is evolutionary theory of the survival of the fittest. Since nations and their armies came into being, nations have used their most fit men in combat, leaving the least fit home to survive a war and to reproduce. This is evolution in reverse and perhaps explains why it seems as if the quality of humans is devolving.

  • As almost everything comes to us in various degrees from superior to inferior, what would it be like to have an inferior inferiority-complex or a superior inferiority-complex?

  • Since neither has ever been found, it is safe to say that nature abhors a complete vacuum and a completely open-mind.


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Page 46 of  161

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