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  • How is it possible that a fashion one year is called attractive and tacky the next unless those that want to sell clothes have found a way of manipulating popular tastes to their own ends? Is it possible to be called fashionable yet free?

  • Love should be something that we soar up to and not fall into.

  • A vice is no less of a vice because of its short duration anymore than a bullet through the heart was harmless for its brevity.

  • Beliefs are passed on from one generation to another with less examination than if they were heirloom watches.

  • Sometimes it’s hard to tell if those that have a hold on you are trying to go forward with you or holding you back to remain at their level.

  • No matter how much we ignore, hate, and try to kill an unpopular truth, it’ll still be here and healthy long after we’re all gone.

  • Much of life, if it were told as a fictional story, would be believed by few.

  • Toleration between two parties is all that should be expected when one believes certain acts are right or wrong just because they are, and the other wants to know what the pursuit or avoidance of those acts produce.

  • Few things are more difficult than that which was expected to be easy and wasn’t.

  • When people believe that others are ahead of their time, it may only seem that way because they’re behind theirs.

  • Gods are multiplied by our desires and devils by our fears.

  • Because we inherit the property of a deceased, is no reason to retain any of the beliefs that we may have inherited long before that death.

  • Regardless of one’s motive when another acts against us, we gain only by assuming a higher motive than malice.

  • Where truth ends, belief begins. Where belief ends faith begins. Where faith ends there is only the black abyss.

  • If we are willing to defend to the death the right of another to say something, it would be wise to first urge perpetual silence.

  • Nothing so oppresses mankind as does the certainty of its beliefs, and few things are as liberating as assuming all beliefs to be only assumptions held for the moment.

  • A claim of something happening because of luck is a disguised repudiation of cause-effect relationships.

  • Many believe that reality is only whatever the majority believes it to be, but consensus creates and discovers nothing but itself.

  • It is true that we must all live our lives with the cards that we’re dealt, but I would rather have preferred that the cards had been in a factory sealed box and that I had shuffled and dealt them.

  • Dying for one’s beliefs is preferable to the many that die for no beliefs.

  • The number one obstacle to doing something is the belief that one can’t do something.

  • If we found out what the secret of a happy marriage was, that would mean that it wasn’t a secret anymore.


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Page 46 of  131

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