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  • Our national debt is taxation without representation of those too young to vote or those not yet born.

  • Declaring that we are our brotherís keepers is the most certain way to gain brothers.

  • Politics wouldnít be so bad if it werenít for the fact that it attracts so many politicians.

  • Just because the Declaration of Independence declared that all men were created equal, isnít to say that by the time that they reach adulthood that they still are.

  • The more we become a dog-eat-dog society, the greater the likelihood that a future president will be a rottweiler.

  • Freedomís origin isnít in the culture about us; its origin is in our heads.

  • Eliminating what oppresses us doesnít create freedom; all that does is open its door. Freedom, when found, will be found within. It is the feeling of not being constrained in what we do. This is possible even when it may appear to others that our constraints abound.

  • History may show that the decline of the United States started when the old USSR collapsed and we then turned in against ourselves.

  • Some contend that those that volunteer to fight a war are fools; but even if this is so, without those fools of an earlier time, those that so contend now wouldnít have contended so without them.

  • In politics it isnít necessary to fool all of the people all of the time; all that is required is that to fool a majority of those that vote at election time.


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