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  • Theologies and science have little in common except in their oppositeness; Science will pursue truth regardless of accepted beliefs. Religion will pursue beliefs regardless of accepted truths.

  • We only censor that which we fear.

  • The worldís religions are marvelous things; they can be molded into any product that one wants.

  • Theologies are mankindís way of giving license to commit atrocities for a holy cause. The reason that we donít see much of this in America is because no individual theology has gained the power to do so. For this we should give thanks.

  • Those that have used crutches all of their lives will be unable to walk without crutches; those that threaten their removal may as well threaten to remove their legs.The same is true of those that have used dogmas as crutches.

  • It isnít the fact that America is the worldís only superpower that causes hate in the fundamentalist Muslim community, it is that America represents the zenith of Western economic success that acts just like a competitive religion that entices those in a fundamentalist culture to question their own values.

  • The most certain way to stop thinking is to adopt dogmas; the most certain way to stop dogmas is to start thinking again.

  • Often we hear someone speculate as to what is the purpose of life; such speculation seems to imply that there is a purpose. If so, one must presuppose that God placed us here for a purpose. Since there can be no verifiable evidence for speculating on even the existence of God, such speculation as to the purpose of life should be considered completely purposeless.

  • If God gave us life, then God gave us our talents; It is doubtful that if we return to God with unused talents, that He will take lightly our rejection of what He gave us.

  • One of mankindís grandest delusions is that of freewill. It isnít that freewill doesnít exist, because it clearly does, but only as a belief. The delusional part is in our believing that freewill is somehow innate and not learned. Once a person acquires this belief, as the result of an assumption, many choices become very different than they would have been in the absence of this belief, and it functions in thereafter in the exact same way as if freewill were innate.

  • Those that are prone to believe that everything that we have was given to us by God for some purpose seem to oppose mankindís ability to reason when it confronts the non-reasoning of dogma.

  • Innate free will exists in that place in the Universe where gravity is unknown.

  • If one expects nothing after death, one is certain to not be disappointed, but surprised? Perhaps.

  • Those that never doubt their beliefs are usually the ones that choose to condemn, by any means, those that doubt the correctness of those beliefs.


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