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  • If you aren’t able to laugh at your own folly, then you’ve missed the greatest, most abundant, and readily accessible source of humor.

  • The feeling of superiority, whether in humans, institutions, or nations is the vanguard of discord and hostile acts.

  • Inner-happiness doesn’t require an applauding audience for its encores.

  • In mankind’s evolution, and in our individual development, emotions came long before reason. For this reason, we should anticipate another’s mindset is emotional rather than rational. When it is the other way around; find delight in its rarity.

  • Those that would like to know what the individual will be like two thousand years from now need only to know the individual of today. Our changes are imperceptible in such a short time. The biggest change will be in our knowledge of that day; which could be more or less depending on whether the dark forces within civilization prevail.

  • At first, when coming across that other self within, it is easy to become a little frightened by the stranger. After a while we learn to not lock the door.

  • Talents are designed for personal use only, but not for personal benefits only.

  • In navigating life, the only compass to be found is within ourselves, not within others.

  • Life in general is a farce, but in the specific it’s a tragedy.

  • The frailties of aging can be looked at as a kind of penalty for using our bodies for a longer period than for which they were designed.

  • One never runs out of self when giving oneself to others.

  • The weakest among us are those that believe that they have never and will never need help.

  • If we see another and we see only their skin, we see little of them, even if they are in a nudist colony.

  • When we mature, that voice within us stops telling us what we shouldn’t do, and therefore stops drowning out that more gentle voice that was probably always trying to tell what we should do to enrich our lives as well as the lives of others.

  • Conformists as well nonconformists obsess about what others think about him; a well adjusted person isn’t interested.

  • Education is largely wasted on the incurious and little needed by the curious.

  • Those that succeed are those that are willing to go the extra mile, but those that excel don’t stop.

  • If one deeply loves their mate, the very best thing that can be done for that person is to be the very best mate that one can be. Everything else is window dressing.

  • Those whose beliefs are fixed and never change are the true “walking dead”.

  • An expression of envy is a declaration of a deficiency.

  • Those that we get to start eating out of hands sometimes don’t stop at its contents.

  • Apparently the art of living has gone Picasso.

  • It is very probable that when it comes to certain things, 100% of us are mistaken, such as our significance in time and space.

  • We are such a tangle of untruths, and their conflicts, that it often takes sixty years before starting their untangling, and ten more years before finally sensing what we’ve always been.

  • If only our inner-self would have grown as much as our bodies have, happiness wouldn’t have to be pursued, only experienced.

  • A man only sees what he wants to see until he wants to find something that his wife has put away.

  • Those who are obsessed about perfection would never be satisfied with pi even if taken to the hundredth decimal point.

  • Our minds, just like our legs, grow most weary when just standing still.

  • One of the reasons that so many marriages fail is because couples look at sexual compatibility as a sufficient cause to marry when it is only at most a necessary cause.

  • The only time an individual is a majority is when alone.

  • It is interesting to speculate how well a genius would do on an IQ test if it were written by morons.

  • Words are the flesh of our feelings and the skeletons of our thoughts, and like the skeletons of our bodies, will out last the flesh, and in some cases, our words will last beyond our body’s skeletons as well.


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