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  • A democracy will end when its citizens become as sheep and the wolf comes to them disguised as their shepherd.

  • Middle-of-the-road politicians are often characterized by their yellow streaks.

  • Political power tends to become toxic to its possessors.

  • Those that rule most successfully are those that are most able to use abstractions in such a way as to convince the electorate that things are improving even while in a state of deterioration.

  • Before a person can want freedom, he must be freed from the bondage of hunger.

  • In America, those that most determine the outcomes of elections, are those that never vote.

  • The tent of freedom that shelters us will do so only as long as the protected are willing to support it during stormy times.

  • Vigorous disputes over conflicting opinions are not the sounds of trouble but the sounds of freedom.

  • It would be simple to prevent all future wars if all nations would agree on one thing- That their leaders must be castrated upon taking office. If there are no male candidates, let the women have a go at it. They couldn’t do worse.

  • The positions of power in our Congress are awarded on the basis of the time that they have been in that legislative body; this eventually means that the more senile a congressman becomes, the greater will be his power.

  • Much of government welfare functions like luring a wild bird to fly into a cage.

  • Entering The Second Millennium, The United States has the military ability to defeat any nation or group of nations but not necessarily the ability to defeat an enemy that disperses itself amongst those that are not aggressors and may even wish us well.

  • Those that boast that they are capable of performing better than a president, or any president, are either delusional or have a very peculiar definition of the word “better”.

  • Many aspire to a society where all are of equal means without ever considering who will do the menial tasks inherent in every society.

  • Freedom is a wonderful thing until it is forced on those that have no want of it.

  • Yes, there really is a difference between Republicans and Democrats; that difference is that Republicans oppose what ever Democrats propose, and of course this valued service is always reciprocated in kind.

  • The wheels of politics are greased by public indifference.

  • Politicians are the only ones that gain materially through generosity because they give what isn’t theirs.


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