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  • When we say that God created man, is that crediting or blaming?

  • One of mankindís greatest delusions is that God is somehow a kind of super-human with unlimited powers. More likely, none of us can begin to comprehend the nature of God, for it is obvious that whatever we assume about God, even those assumptions escape all explanations, and therefore God escapes comprehending.

  • Genetic engineering is evolution using a roadmap.

  • Perhaps there is some grand purpose for mankindís existence, and perhaps we are all just unusual bits of flotsam drifting through time and space. While living, neither belief can be supported by verifiable evidence and perhaps also not even after life either.

  • The best religions are those that have led instead of just being read.

  • Many reject religions because they claim that there were those that witnessed occurrences that violated the Laws of Nature. It is possible that these witnesses were truthful in their recounting of events without the Laws of Nature being violated. All that would be required would for God to cause those witnesses to believe that they witnessed miracles. After all, if humans can induce hallucinations, God can also, and therefore would not violate any of the Laws of Nature that presumably He created. This explanation poses just another kind of miracle, albeit a much more minor one.

  • Those that point the finger of sin at another choose to act in Godís place without His permission.

  • As an oasis will attract those that thirst, so does the potential for corruption, which is found within power, also attract the corruptible.

  • Since God is assumed to be eternal, can anyone imagine what He did before creating the Universe?

  • Just think about what a religious revival there would be if Heaven and Hell just had their own websites.

  • The absurdities that collect in all theologies, in regards to God, should not in any way detract from the possibility that there is a God devoid of absurdities.

  • If only theologies taught us that God is in others instead of in the sky, theologies would achieve what they claim to want to achieve.

  • Morality is primarily a way of looking at others.

  • It is the fool that follows a road map when it says there is a road where there is none; so are we all from time to time when dogma tells us one thing while our senses and intellect tell us that the dogma is false and yet we follow the dogma.

  • Those that contend that God is dead may only be engaging in wishful thinking.

  • It may be that God favors the victors, but does He do so before or after the conflict?

  • There are many that believe that we were created for some purpose of God; there are many that believe the God was created for the purposes of mankind, but perhaps both groups are totally incorrect, and no purpose for either ever existed.

  • The only way that God could have created the Universe out of nothingness is if somehow the Universe exists only in the hallucinations that we call our existence; if this is so, who are they that are having these terrific hallucinations and where are they?


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Page 47 of  67

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