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  • There is only way that we can remain unchanged over the years, and that is in others’ memories of us after we die.

  • We may know the number of dollars in our bank accounts; we may know the number of cousins and uncles that we have; but we will never know how many of our most valuable possessions that we have, -our blessings.

  • Our doubts about our value shrivel as our friendships grow. Those not doubting their value because they believe that it is either very high or zero, find less need to form friendships.

  • The best advice that we get is given to us by ourselves; but, it’s best not to be seen in public doing this.

  • What we call greatness, in another, is but a fleeting illusion that time quickly erases. Also what we call smallness or ordinariness is another fleeting illusion that time also doesn’t ignore.

  • If we only had more confidence in what we are, we’d be much less inclined to convince others to be as we are.

  • What beauty we had when young eventually retreats to find shelter in the heart or nowhere.

  • Keep no strangers inside of you. Meet them all and decide whether to pardon, parole, imprison, or execute.

  • We like to delude ourselves into believing that we know the world, ourselves, and the Universe; but we are all forced to only glimpse at these through a small keyhole into another side dimly lit.

  • Through most of life the capacity for hope seems inexhaustible; but eventually we will all reach the time when even that inexhaustible well of hope will run dry.

  • Boldness is often a mask that is worn by fear.

  • I doubt that those on their deathbeds, ever said that the things that they valued most about life were their hatreds and bigotries; yet during their lives, many of them acted as if that were all they ever cared about.

  • It seems curious that so many are anxious to make contact with space aliens when we have so much trouble adjusting to those of our own species that are only slightly different from us. Assuming that space aliens could find their way here and that they have the same trouble with differences as we do, terror would be infinitely more prevalent than curiosity.

  • If we saw others jumping off of a high cliff, we’d be loath to join them; yet with drugs we see the same thing; and also the individuals that start using drugs see the same thing happening to others and then decide to join them anyway. This must truly represent an extreme degree of desperation to escape from the torment and/or monotony of their existence.

  • Reality is like a salesman that won’t go away. Every time you open the door, there he stands. He can be denied by closing the door; but there’s no escaping him if you only have one door.

  • There have probably been more lives ruined by being attractive than by being plain.

  • In mankind’s long social evolution, we moved forward slowly with a very real danger of reverting into mankind’s earlier social forms; because of this, custom and tradition tended to prevent our going backwards. In today’s rapidly changing period of cultural mixing, custom and tradition tend to more obstruct our progress towards reduced social conflict than to prevent our reversion to earlier social forms.

  • Most would rather stay with a comfortable method that fails than discomforting risk of failing at a new method that might succeed.

  • Your competitor is most vulnerable when he starts thinking of how he will beat the next competitor after you.

  • Most of our social problems don’t stem from our not listening to others; we hear and listen to them OK, but we still don’t understand what they’re saying even when we believe we do.

  • It is very unusual to find a teenage boy whose brains are mostly where they were at birth.

  • That we abuse power shouldn’t come as any surprise, as we tend to abuse everything, and power being what it is, gives us the power to abuse it even more and for a longer time.

  • One thing that tends to bear too heavily in aging isn’t the burden of the day, but the burden of all the remembered days that are long past.

  • One that can lie successfully is never simple of mind.

  • The passenger side rear-view mirror states that things are closer than they appear; apparently few of us look at death in the same mirror.

  • The tyrant that we should most fear is the one that lives within us and dictates, not just what we should do, but also what we should think.

  • One of the marks of wisdom is to be undisturbed by the madness raging all about.

  • It is a self-deceiving trait of humans, that no matter how much a shambles they have made their lives, they will still consider themselves wise.

  • There are some characters that are totally lacking in character.

  • It is difficult to understand why it is so important to win an argument when the odds are high that both parties are incorrect.

  • Whenever possible, we should always avoid creating a situation that causes another to lie in order to save face.

  • The best instructions for life are those that are spoken without words.


Comments - Our Human Nature
Page 48 of  161

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