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  • To those that believe that science has brought us many of our problems, do they really think that those problems are more likely solved through dogma and mysticism, than through more science?

  • The pathway of certainty is a dead-end street while the pathway of doubt is without an end.

  • Even though today we may have a strong opinion on something, that should be no cause for our having the same opinion come tomorrow.

  • Faith is used to prop up those beliefs that canít stand on their own.

  • We are in the midst of a great experiment where most of the individualís beliefs of reality are for the first time the result of what various media have presented.

  • It isnít true that every cloud has a silver lining because for the few that are prepared, itís a gold lining.

  • If we start accepting that an end justifies a means, then we need to reexamine our justifying.

  • Beware of those that call themselves critics, because they feel themselves anointed by God to say what everyone else should believe.

  • Each voluntary act is the child of a thought and the grandchild of a belief; for this reason, we need to careful of our beliefs lest our acts do harm.

  • We fall into life like a snowflake pretending that winter will last forever.

  • If we could catalog our beliefs, we would probably find that few come from verifiable facts while most come from verifiable fears and desires.

  • Which is more helpful to others, to let them know that we recognize their deceit or to let them believe falsely that their deceit was successful?

  • A quotation should never be used to cloak ones opinions with authority, but only used to express the way of understanding how another believes.

  • Those that believe in luck, fate, and destiny, have crippled themselves by not understanding that every effect is the consequence of a prior cause.

  • It is one of our greatest delusions to believe ourselves safe, since danger is given to us in our first breath and departs only with our last.

  • Most superstitions are but fragments of long ago abandoned religions.

  • In most cases, the belief of what is right or wrong is entirely a matter of personal tastes, personal tastes of which many feel should be imposed on others, as it is their only moral compass.

  • Our convictions are never more convincing to others then when we abide by them consistently.

  • To claim that true generosity only exists when the donor is anonymous tends to reduce the value of the ďfake-generosityĒ that benefits those in need.

  • What we view is not the same as the light that enters our eyes, because what enters our eyes is distorted by a lifetime of beliefs about what we view.

  • As long as mankind is deluded into believing that we hold an exalted presence in the Universe, we will tend to create fables that give us rights over anything that we choose, including rights over one another.

  • The belief that the future will be thoughtful of us is where our tears hide before they are shed.

  • It may be that where thereís smoke that thereís also fire, but our human experiences should tell us that this is where there is often great deception.

  • It seems to be part of human nature to know of things that never were, are not, and will never be.


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Page 48 of  131

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